Catching Up In Chicago…

You took your attention away from your timelines, snaps, and other technological forms of anti-anti socialism, the least I can do is give you some good stuff!

Oh, before I forget, CBD PRODUCTS ARE ABSOLUTELY LEGAL TO PURCHASE IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS! CBD hemp oil comes in many forms, including edibles, and are a natural alternative to over the counter pain relief medications or opiates. Just to quote,

“The purchase and consumption of CBD hemp oil is federally legal, as CBD hemp oil falls under the same importation and commerce laws as other hemp products. Illinois has passed no further legislation specifically related to CBD hemp oil.”–Medical Marijuana Inc

I wanted everyone to know that, because CBD medications are awesome ways to experience the healing properties of cannabis without the THC high. Next week I’ll be stopping by the Soul and Wellness center in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood to speak with the knowledgeable and super-friendly Tiffany Reynolds about CBD, its benefits, and products for sale! But feel free to give the center a ring to set up an appointment or visit the website! 312-937-3333, Soul And Wellness website

It’s been a busy week for the Canna Lady! No seriously, had to ask what day of the week this is. Time is flying by, so let’s get caught up!

So, in conversation with some canna-friendly associates, aka my pot homies, I found out that in late March, a federal judge ruled that medical cannabis dispensaries and centers can contribute and donate to political campaigns. Why is this a big deal?  Because it’s politics that’s going to get Illinois from a pilot program state to a fully legal medical (and maybe recreational, start wishing hard lol) state! Furthermore, residents who are and aren’t MMJ patients will have another way of connecting to their local and state representatives. Supporting politicians who are in support of legalization and restoration are key, and gives them another way of providing a stellar resource for the people they represent.

We already know that supporting cannabis is more than just legalizing getting high. It’s endless opportunities, alternative medicine, economic stability and technological progression. It’s about time the residents that are represented by these politicians are truly supported in what can make their lives better. Write letters, call, FACEBOOK your state reps, aldermen, mayors when you are passionate about what is right. Whether it’s cannabis legalization, equal opportunities in education, or racial discrimination…OUR voices can be heard if we speak loud enough!

Ok let me get off my soap box. I’m eating taco flavored chips with a Star Wars tee on. Not in a revolution leading mood right now, just educating. Nevertheless, that’s where change begins.

NEXT thing I found out is many cannabis businesses cannot advertise within 1000 feet of a church, school, or park because there are children or teens who are 18 and under.  I see where the morale lies except for all of the establishments that sell liquor and tobacco within that radius of those places, but I digress.  STIGMA is the issue. That even in 2017 it’s ok for children to see pictures of adults sipping cognac or large, public tobacco ads in the same establishments where they purchase candy but cannabis advertising is deemed irresponsible.


For now, it is what it is. But maybe now you see the bias, which creates the reputation, that results in cannabis being this dangerous “drug” that needs to be kept under wraps. Nah. It’s medicine, it’s ours, and it’s here.

Mmmkay moooving right along, I highly suggest checking out Sensi magazine. It’s a Denver publication that is pro-community and pro-cannabis, and Chicago is the next city to start printing! Get in the know now, by the way I’m a local Sensi publisher, shameless plug lol. Check us out by clicking here—> Sensi Magazine website, or slide in my DM. You naughty thing you.

Alright, gotta make a dispensary run. Check back tomorrow, or don’t. I’ll be here lol!

“If weed was legal, then I wouldn’t have a problem. But then again, I have more problems with what’s legal than what’s not. So, just be careful.” –my mother.

Tincture Time!

I told you we would be revisiting that tongue tickling word-tincture! Say it with me now, Teen-churr!

When talking cannabis, it’s important to know about it in this form too. Why? Because tinctures are nothing new, and are only getting better!

Basically, a tincture is usually an alcohol based extraction of medicine.  No, weed and beer together does not make a tincture. Does make a good time though lol! Some tinctures do come alcohol free, and are vegetable glycerin or vinegar based.

Tinctures are the epitome of throwback Thursday. It was the 1st method of cannabis extraction and the oldest form of cannabis medicine sold in America. Nowadays tinctures are sold everywhere, with different flavors and strengths. My favorite is a vanilla flavored tincture that is 50/50 indica/sativa that is 100% THC content. But there are some that are 100% CBD content or also 50/50. Say whuuuhhhhh?

Lol don’t remember what da hell indica or sativa is? I’ll go more into THC and CBD later, btw, but for now you can reference back to my earlier post from last month.

Just click here —> The Earlier Blog I’m Talking Bout.



So I wanted to discuss the history of cannabis as a medicine before talking about these tingly tinctures. They’re great! Tinctures are sold in dark glass or non-transparent plastic dropper bottles and are labeled according to amount of THC or CBD and if it is indica, sativa, or both.

I mean they are just the bee’s friggin knees ya’ll! If you want a light effect or pain reliever, take one drop. Want to really feel it? Take more drops. The effects are more controllable than with smoking or eating cannabis and there’s no smoke and way fewer calories lol. Speaking of food, you can add drops to food after it’s done cooking. I put a few drops in my coffee, when I’m feeling flossy.

They’re even easy to make! And I wouldn’t say that without proving it, so check this cool article from that Leafly app I told you to check out (ahem):

On a scale of one to tincture, this method of cannabis consumption is tops, plus, it’s America’s first medicine! Peace and bud!



“That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” » Arnold Schwarzenegger




#WCW-Delanshia Blanchard-Hamilton (Interview)

High everyone! Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

If there’s one thing I love about the cannabis industry, it’s that women are dominating this mofo!! Today I have the pleasure of introducing my friend and investment advisor, Delanshia Blanchard-Hamilton.

But you can call her Lance 🙂

Through the magical hands of Facebook, I came across Lady Lance’s posts regarding investments in the cannabis industry. Next thing you know we’re messaging each other about CBD medication, Bitcoin, and even ethereum stocks! She’s one cool chick, and she took out time to give you all a little insight into investing!

As a native of North Carolina and graduate of East Carolina University, Delanshia discovered that her science degree had not adequately prepared her for life after college. Soon afterward, she developed an interest in economics, finance and the stock market, specifically. That interest evolved into a passion as she encountered many everyday people who could benefit from instruction on personal finance and avenues for wealth building.

Leshane Consulting was founded on that very premise, and Delanshia has had the privilege of hosting SOLD OUT seminars on subjects including the cannabis industry and basic corporate analysis. Do you hear me now? Lol but seriously she is currently pursuing a certification in personal finance and building an investment business with close friends.

Chiggety-check out the interview below (audio file)

Many, many thanks to Lance and make sure to hit her up! Whether cannabis or not, financial education and investment IS advocacy! Enriching ourselves with wealth building knowledge are part of the tools necessary for success and recognition in the industry!

Peace and bud!


On #TBT-When Marijuana Was American Medicine

High everybody!

Can’t school ya on trees without schooling ya on the roots. Many people only know about cannabis in it’s modern state. As far back as the 1800s, marijuana was not only legal but was used to treat numerous illnesses and life-threatening diseases. If marijuana was seen as a get high drug back then, let’s just say the late eighteen hundreds  were absolutely lit.

Picture this. It’s 1852, you’ve caught yourself a bad case of cholera from some bad deer soup or whatever people ate then, life sucks. Food is exiting your body every which way then, duh-you remember you can die in like, hours. You hop on your actual mustang and gallop on over to the nearest pharmacy. Right as you’re about to lose 4 more ounces of bodily fluid, the pharmacist hands you this:





You go home, you take it, not only do you not die, but you feel much better and can get a good night’s rest! So, how does this fairy tale end with us having to fight to legalize it again over a century later? Like, bruh??

So for the next few decades cannabis would be regulated, slightly, but only as medicine if issued by pharmacies and poison if not. Of course, everyone who was enjoying cannabis, whether medicine or poison, wasn’t doing it for medicinal purposes. Puffeth, puffeth, passeth.

Now hemp had been legal in America ever since 1619. But why did it have to be legalized in the first place? Oh, you’re trying to go back, waaaaaay back huh? Ok let’s go. But, quickly, please lol.

Hemp is known as the first plant humans ever cultivated. Research shows China and India being the first sites of hemp cultivation, some 5,000 or more years ago. It was used for clothing, paper, and yup, getting stoned.  Meanwhile, in what is now North America, Native Americans had already been growing their own type of hemp but cannabis sativa was introduced by settlers who grew it on their “newfound” land.  Like, making strong rope and pants are cool, but they wanted to get high lol. SOOOOOO, the Virginia Assembly made it possible for people to not only consume hemp, but grow it. Matter of fact, hemp was so necessary that it was illegal NOT to grow some Mary Jane…for the struggle lol. After the Civil War, hemp was still being grown domestically but other materials were introduced for fabric, mainly cotton. Cotton was cultivated by slaves brought from Africa and established an entire industry.  Cannabis cultivated with higher levels of THC was popular, and near the end of the century smoking pot was a fad; even marijuana parlors operated like modern day lounges.


Hey, we’re about caught up right? Cool. So you’re feeling awesome, smoking your green, then boom, it’s 1910. The Mexican Revolution begins, and Mexican immigrants who use cannabis recreationally flood into America. Well, since this society has always been so historically accepting of other races, they wanted to make sure our friends from the South got a warm welcome. That was sarcasm! Marijuana was now labeled as a drug associated with these new immigrants that were labeled criminals by racist laws and biased research. Boom it’s 1931, and 29 states have already outlawed cannabis and Harry J. Ansliger commissioned the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. BRUH!!!!

Every decade that followed, cannabis would see a thinly-veiled love/hate relationship with America. New bureaus were created, new laws were enacted, propaganda film and ads blossomed. At the same time, research was proving cannabis wasn’t dangerous, celebrities were advocating for legalization, and citizens were discovering the medical benefits. But never again was it considered medicine until 1996, when California passed a law legalizing cannabis use for patients with serious illnesses. Sort of where we are right now in Illinois.

Yup, racism criminalized cannabis. And that is bullcrap. Crap from a bull.

So, if there is a moral to this story, it’s this: Racism ruins everything. Luckily for us, technology, new laws, and education are making great strides in getting every state on board. America needs its medicine back, and it’s called marijuana.

Isn’t history fun?

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” –Thomas Jefferson


#WCW-Wanda James

Women in Cannabis Wednesday! Turn up!

Cannabis industry. I hope when you read that you no longer think of just stoners making money legally. But don’t count that out lol, stoners and non-stoners are making great strides in both medical and recreational marijuana. Dispensaries have evolved from window-less,-top-secret like facilities to bright and inviting centers for patients and non-patients alike. So today, I’m passing this #WCW joint to Wanda James, founder of the first Black dispensary in Colorado. Yes, she’s like, a big deal.

Wanda James is the CEO of Simply Pure dispensary in Denver, CO, and the first Black woman (with her husband) to own a medical marijuana dispensary. Simply Pure, founded in 2010, is now a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary plus an edibles company. James is also the managing partner at the Cannabis Global Initiative (CGI), a marketing and consulting firm that specializes in regulation and political outreach.


Visiting this awesome dispensary was one of the highlights of my many trips to Denver, CO. It was also an eye opener. I took notice of the neighborhood where Simply Pure was nestled. Highlands, once a neighborhood for the working class and lower-income families, was now in the process of a grand gentrified transition. I met minorities and white people who experienced displacement due to the increase of rent. It was awesome to see not only a woman, but a woman of color, open a business in an area that can serve both the current residents and those with higher incomes moving in.

Oh the situation is sad…like, Sally Struthers infomercial sad. BUT, because gentrification is inevitable in many major cities in America, it’s important that the business that move in to make the area look more appealing to the “higher-ups” still benefit and serve the current residents. Simply pure provides alternative medicine and accessories to the community, not to mention job opportunities!

Oh, this woman’s greatness doesn’t start nor end with Simply Pure. James graduated from the University of Colorado in 1986 then served in the United States Navy. She was the political campaign manager appointed to work on President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee, and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s Amendment 64 Task Force, which was a strong blueprint for legalizing recreational marijuana. Her and her husband, Scott Durrah, were successful Los Angeles and Denver restaurant owner until their passion’s call was too loud to ignore.

Queen James, this smoke’s for you. Thank you for opening another door in the cannabis industry for US. When the underrepresented are given equal opportunities, we all benefit!



Not even two whole weeks ago, I was in Charlottesville, VA. I was staying mere miles from the protest and the disgusting display of hate that occurred this past weekend.  Now the president refuses to condemn the proper parties of hate, while defending those who used violence and deadly force to innocent people and total disregard for the law.

This post isn’t about cannabis. It’s a reminder that this blog does not and will not support hate, white supremacy, nor the values endorsed by Donald Trump.

I look forward to connecting with ALL demographics of people through cannabis education and advocacy. With regard to all people having different beliefs and views, this is not a platform for entertaining the so-called morals that hate supporters live by.

My mission is to not only expose the uneducated to the benefits of cannabis, but to contribute to the necessary fight to racially equalize opportunities and criminal rights in this industry.  Bigotry, fascism, racism, and white supremacy are barriers to that mission, and I won’t have it.

As we post hashtags and update our statuses, let’s remember that getting involved is necessary now more than ever. As I always urge, get to know your politicians and community leaders.  We cannot battle hate without representation, and the nation’s leader is severely lacking in representation for us.  The more opportunities made for minorities, the broader the spectrum of our voices will be made.  Cannabis has already opened the door for minority or women owned businesses, but not enough. Black people are still highest represented in prison for cannabis crimes while making up less than 3% of the industry, and in total 13.3% of America’s population.

Starting with education is key. Moving forward with love is crucial.

Feel free to contact me with thoughts, comments, or questions.

Rest in peace Heather Heyer.

Vaporize: The OTHER Way To Smoke

Smoking cannabis is like microwaving a meal instead of reheating it on the stove or in the oven. You want it fast, and you want it hot. But it isn’t always as good as the other options. Well, think of hitting a joint the same way. No, NOTHING wrong with smoking cannabis but man oh man, the many faces Mary Jane wears!

Tinctures, oils, edibles, even topical creams are ways to experience the healing and elevating effects of cannabis. So, what does all these different methods do? Why take cannabis if you can’t smoke it? Because, like cannabis, smoking isn’t for everyone.

Let’s get one thing straight: smoking is NOT good for the lungs. Nothing has scientifically linked smoking marijuana to lung cancer, and it’s been proven to be safer than smoking cigarettes. But smoke is smoke and it can build tar and carcinogens in the lungs. But the heat from smoking cannabis activates the THC quickly, giving the smoker an instant high.


Vaporizing is a great alternative to smoking, because you’re inhaling the vapor of cannabis that has been heated, not burned, to the right temperature.

Vaporizors come in large, box looking machines all the way down to personal pens. You can vaporize the actual buds or highly concentrated cannabis oil. Just like any other medical cannabis product, you can choose the amount of THC and/CBD for your desired high or relief.

Here’s a great slideshow on about 8 types of vaporizors. Some are common, some aren’t:

I like the vape pens, they’re so cute and you can truly control the amont of intake. Plus the vapor makes cool smoke for music videos and slow motion walk-ins. All of those things are important to me.

Next time, let’s discuss tinctures. Why? Because I like saying it. TEENT-urrrr. You can leave out an r or 2. 

Peace and bud!


You may find this post redundant to one I posted last week…


Cannabis legalization without criminal record restoration is how minorities will be left out of experiencing the benefits of the industry. Marijuana offenses can stay on records up to 30 years, preventing finding jobs, voting, even getting a loan or credit card.

For instance, less than 2% of owners in the cannabis industry are African American. However we out number other races in jail for cannabis, while making up about not only 13% of the nation’s population. Moreover, if as many people are using cannabis as we know they are, with African Americans getting stopped and arrested at higher percentages than whites, the probability they’ll get arrested for cannabis is higher also. Get it??

Resources for law enforcement are wasted in the billions annually, while violent crimes, rapes, kidnappings, and robberies sometimes get ignored. The community doesn’t feel safer with cannabis users off the streets; they want less crime.

Offenses for small amounts of recreational cannabis is still being treated as more dangerous substances such as crack or heroine. Minorities are getting permanent records in their teens. People with college degrees and work experience can’t reenter the labor force. This and the related lead to more crime. Let’s stop the cycle, and start advocating for FAIR cannabis law enforcement, and cannabis criminal record restoration.

#LegalizeIt is for us. You don’t have to be a user to advocate for justice and the progress.

Legalization Is More Than Legalization

Representing the underrepresented is necessary in every industry, and aspect of life. With discrimination against people of color, women, Muslims, LGBTQ, even veterans and elders, advocacy for legalization of cannabis must not end at simply being able to buy and smoke marijuana legally.

As a Black woman exploring the industry with no company or major organization representing me, I see firsthand the obstacles many communities aforementioned may experience. Not surprising, because they face the same issues in many other industries.

Being arrested can ruin your life. Let’s get that understood, right now. BEING ARRESTED CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE. Think about it, unless you study law, criminal law, you are probably breaking the law everyday. There’s no class in high school or college that teaches every single law of the state that you live in, unless that is your major or academic focus. This goes the same for interaction with law enforcement. Everything from jaywalking to blowing your nose on a crowded train are actual laws in some states, but how would one know it until being apprehended for it by law enforcement? And with Black people being the population with a higher probability of being pulled over or apprehended than any other race, guess who is most likely to get arrested for cannabis?

Oh, this isn’t a race rant, this affects everyone. In 2014, police arrested someone for marijuana every 51 seconds. That’s taxpayer dollars and police protection being used to arrest for mostly small amounts while violent crimes, rapes, and robberies get overlooked. Over $3.6 billion is spent each year on marijuana law enforcement alone. The situation is serious, people.

Illinois lawmakers have already shown advocacy for decriminalization. State Representative Kelly Cassidy filed an amendment to House Bill 2353 earlier this year that modifies the bill to focus more on relaxed offenses, revenue generation, and the rights of cannabis users. State Representative Marcus Evans filed an amendment to House Bill 183, which allows a person who commits a cannabis crime petition to expunge their record of such penalties. For great articles from, click below:

Felonies take away right to life. Not being able to get a loan, a job, or even vote are some of the obstacles people face, plus the fees needed for record expungement. Our state, our nation, needs REAL change when it comes to the perspective of criminalization in general. In terms of cannabis, those modifications need to be immediate, and proper regulation needs to be implemented.

Advocacy starts with our relationships with our politicians, and each other. It’s time we are vocal about the need for changes in legislation. Write letters to Congress, get to know your state reps, encourage your aldermen to hold informational meetings and events. The possibilities are endless. Do I get the side-eye when I mention I’m an activist for cannabis? Sure, but once the facts are understood, it’s obvious that legalizing cannabis is way more than just legalizing cannabis.

Peace and bud.

More sources:

Huffington Post Marijuana Arrests Article

Without Flower, There Is No Industry

We ALL are clear on the fact that cannabis is a plant, right? It grows from a seed with various mediums including soil, water, or even clay pebbles. It can be grown inside or outside, with heights ranging from 2 feet to almost 8 feet, and that’s on average! All these factor combinations determine the type, or strain, of the cannabis will be categorized.

Movies and music have introduced different types of strains, but really knowing the differences is more than the picture Hollywood paints. Today, there are about 800 documented strains in the world, but the number is actually infinite. Weather a professional grower who handles 500 plants or a patient who grows 10 plants within their home, people are always creating new strains. Many are awesome, some suck. It’s all trial and error. How any of these strains end up on the shelves of dispensaries depends on many factors, but certainly includes the strain, its quality, and if it passed state cannabis regulations. It’s no joke, either. To grow, facilities must maintain strict sanitary conditions, the grower must be licensed, and the flower must be of medical standards, meaning it has to be the GOOD stuff lol. (By the way, flower is another term for the dried buds of the cannabis plant. The pot, if you will.)

For instance, MANY people have heard the song “Bad and Bougie” by the hip hop group The Migos. In the chorus, Migos member Offset refers to the strain Girl Scout Cookies:

“Rain drops, drop top, smoking on cookie in the hotbox.”

(Hotbox is a term referring to smoking cannabis in an enclosed space, usually a car, with windows and doors closed to enclose the cannabis smoke. This causes a faster and more elevated high, but know this is not a healthy way to consume  cannabis. When marijuana smoke is exhaled, so is CO2, and that being breathed back in by whoever is smoking.)

Girl Scout Cookies is a sativa strain, meaning the relief, or high, is felt in the brain, or a cerebral high. It is also a potent sativa strain, meaning it has a high THC count and the effects are more psychedelic, not medical. Now, Sour Tsunami is also a sativa strain but grown with a low THC count, and a high CBD count (CBD stands for cannabidiol; it’s the healing/pain relieving agent in cannabis). So how is one felt in the head, but doesn’t get you high? Relief of headaches, insomnia, paranoia, even pain have been reported by users of Sour Tsunami and Girl Scout Cookies, but the latter gives that lava lamp light feeling, while the first mostly relieves.

I have used oils extracted from cannabis flower for various reasons. Some with all THC and no CBD, because I strictly wanted the high feeling, and one with 50/50 percentage, because I wanted pain relief with a little buzz to settle into my evening. Research is great, but the help of a medical cannabis specialist, or a friendly budtender at a dispensary are great ways to learn about what type of strain is right for you, and how you should consume that type of cannabis. From drink powders, to capsules, to lotions, to putting it in a pipe and blazing up, cannabis strains and consumption is varied and always progressing so more people can have access to its benefits SAFELY.

Hey, you like knowing what type of affect the food or drink you consume will have on you right? Be as inquisitive with cannabis, especially since the information is available!

Peace and bud!

Want to learn more about what a budtender does? Check the article below on how to become a budtender, and what it takes!