Tincture Time!

I told you we would be revisiting that tongue tickling word-tincture! Say it with me now, Teen-churr!

When talking cannabis, it’s important to know about it in this form too. Why? Because tinctures are nothing new, and are only getting better!

Basically, a tincture is usually an alcohol based extraction of medicine.  No, weed and beer together does not make a tincture. Does make a good time though lol! Some tinctures do come alcohol free, and are vegetable glycerin or vinegar based.

Tinctures are the epitome of throwback Thursday. It was the 1st method of cannabis extraction and the oldest form of cannabis medicine sold in America. Nowadays tinctures are sold everywhere, with different flavors and strengths. My favorite is a vanilla flavored tincture that is 50/50 indica/sativa that is 100% THC content. But there are some that are 100% CBD content or also 50/50. Say whuuuhhhhh?

Lol don’t remember what da hell indica or sativa is? I’ll go more into THC and CBD later, btw, but for now you can reference back to my earlier post from last month.

Just click here —> The Earlier Blog I’m Talking Bout.



So I wanted to discuss the history of cannabis as a medicine before talking about these tingly tinctures. They’re great! Tinctures are sold in dark glass or non-transparent plastic dropper bottles and are labeled according to amount of THC or CBD and if it is indica, sativa, or both.

I mean they are just the bee’s friggin knees ya’ll! If you want a light effect or pain reliever, take one drop. Want to really feel it? Take more drops. The effects are more controllable than with smoking or eating cannabis and there’s no smoke and way fewer calories lol. Speaking of food, you can add drops to food after it’s done cooking. I put a few drops in my coffee, when I’m feeling flossy.

They’re even easy to make! And I wouldn’t say that without proving it, so check this cool article from that Leafly app I told you to check out (ahem):


On a scale of one to tincture, this method of cannabis consumption is tops, plus, it’s America’s first medicine! Peace and bud!



“That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.” » Arnold Schwarzenegger




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