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High y’all! Saturdays are when we get to relax, unwind from the week’s crayness, or fight crowds at shopping centers. Others are going to their jobs, or looking for one.
So the weekend is when I get the most inquiries and DM slides about working in the cannabis industry. Let me tell ya, it’s not difficult…but it’s not easy. Because the industry is so new, many cannabis businesses are still working out the kinks and developing their brands. Not to mention doing whatever it takes to prevent the long arm of the law interfering. So networking is sooooo important, after education.

Use your existing networking sites to incorporate your interest in the industry. And when a new one comes along, jump on it!

I’m a member of the Cannabis Associates Network, and you should be too! Even if you aren’t interested in working in the industry, this app has great articles, events, and groups of different interests.




Visit the site to take a peek, then download the app! At once! Cannabis Associates Network

Invite your friends and get connected! This is an awesome platform that is user friendly and super informative. Find me on there readers, keep networking, and have a great Saturday!

“It’s Saturday! Sticky icky icky….”–Ludacris

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