Ever Been Arrested for Weed? I Have.

Yea I sold pot before. Wanna fight about it? Meet me outside. Until then, read this so we can be friends again lol.

I sold it, purchased it, drove it across state lines, even hid some in personal places to shake the pigs. (“Shake the pigs” means to escape police apprehension, or being able to conceal illegal goods on your person while being searched by police). To me, I was doing what I had to do. I was fired from a job for testing positive for THC in my system, but still making money selling pot to one of my trainers.  As a business management major, I sold enough weed on two college campuses to buy a used car and start paying back the loans I still had while in college. Am I proud? Yes and no.

I don’t regret anything, except getting caught lol. Making my mother cry, hefty fines, clearing my record, etc came with the territory. I knew what I was doing was illegal, but I also knew I wasn’t hurting anyone. I’m also an only child lol so self made excuses is liable to occur sometimes.

I’ve never been a fan of law enforcement, yea I said it. As much as I do believe there are good cops, I also feel there aren’t enough of them speaking up and standing up to the bad ones. Living on Chicago’s South Side since birth, I see crime often but I witness police harassment DAILY. Women, men, even young children have mixed feelings about the boys in blue because in certain areas, you’ll never know what may come next after hearing, “Do you know why I stopped you” or “What are you doing around here?” My bias is from my perspective, so know my perspective is biased.

Today is Labor Day, a day to celebrate the day when thousands of workers decided to have a parade. That’s all I know, as far as history goes. Another thing I know is the growing number of jobs people won’t be taking a break from due to cannabis offenses.  There’s too many people sitting in jail since last week wishing Labor Day wasn’t a holiday, so that they can see the judge today and not tomorrow.  A child won’t be seeing their parents until next year, or next decade. A college hopeful just got their scholarship taken away.  A disabled veteran just paid the last of his savings to the courts.

A day off to some is a day lost to others. ANY day spent in jail for cannabis possession is a day too many.  When cannabis lands another person in jail, we ALL pay!

I invite you all to the Illinois NORML Chicago chapter meeting THIS Wednesday, September 6 (I didn’t even realize it was September already), 2017 from 7:30pm-9:30pm at 2048 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. Don’t meet me there, beat me there! Topics to be covered include the latest news in Illinois policy reform and information on efforts to pass an adult cannabis use bill. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded activists, advocates, professionals, and patients.

Today, many of us take a well deserved break from our jobs. But let’s not forget that the work is never done. Have a happy, and high, Labor Day.

“Me and Mary Jane, it’s my world, it’s my thang. The way she penetrates my brain.”           –Bone Thugs N Harmony


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