#WCW-Charlo Greene

“Fuck it, I quit.”

The famous words that rang bells across the internet, calmly recited by the bold and beautiful Charlo Greene. She’s this week’s #WCW (Womenbin Cannabis Wednesday) and one of my heroes. Why? Because on live television, the then-news reporter announced she would be quitting her job to pursue her cannabis business in Alaska. But can we say understatement??

Now before I go any further, be aware that Greene is facing a 54-year prison sentence for her efforts to legalize cannabis in the state of Alaska. Yea. Apparently she is being charged with a total of 14 felony and misdemeanor counts based on raids and investigations of her business, some even after Alaskan voters agreed that marijuana decriminalization was necessary.

But screw the negative. I’ll update you all on her case as soon as I can. She’s host and creator of The Weed Show With Charlo Greene. She is the CEO of CBD Body and Beauty, a line of premium CBD beauty products. She is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, Alaska’s first legal cannabis resource company.  She is a true cannabis advocate, raising $10,000 for marijuana reform efforts.  She’s appeared in numerous publications from High Times to Elle magazine.

Lol you’re still thinking about her saying fuck it on live television thought, aren’t you? So messy! I am too, check it out below (it happens at 3:00, but watch the whole thing lol):


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET0UXwzfCOU&w=560&h=315]


Yea, you saw it right. She not only opened a cannabis business while still being a news reporter,  but then did a story on her business, and quit on television to pursue the mission she just reported.  Women in cannabis are bad ass!

So, here we are with Greene facing jail time for numerous charges that are bogus to say the least. She’s faced eviction, arrests, raids, and backlash for being a cannabis activist, but she hasn’t stopped the fight! She continues to educate, entertain, and contribute to the progress of cannabis legalization and policy reformation.

We support you Charlo Greene! Make sure to follow her on all the social media outlets, and keep supporting every #WCW whose mission is marijuana!

“Lobby, and explain to people what cannabis is, why it’s necessary, why it’s a good thing, and not a bad thing. It’s all on you if you want to see that change.” –Charlo Greene



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