#TBT-My First Cannabis Cup, 2014

High y’all!

Got a joke for ya, ready? Ok so this teen asks his mom to use her brand new car even though he doesn’t have a license. Of course she declines but he begs and begs, pleading that he’s a good driver even though he hasn’t taken the driving test yet. He says, “Mom, is there ANY way I can get you to let me use the car?” She replies, “Sure honey!” He says, “Really? HOW??” She pauses, then says, “Well, first you have to take the f out of the word ‘way’.” Confused, he replies, “But Mom, there’s no f in way!”

“Exactly, son.”

Get it? LOL now take that to your water coolers in the morning. Guaranteed laughs, or a firing. Roll the dice! Today I wanted to reflect on my first cannabis cup. Exactly two years ago today I went to Seattle, WA to experience my first High Times Cannabis Cup. Now if you don’t know about High Times, you should. Click here…WHEN YOU’RE DONE READING THIS. I get jealous, sue me.

I wanted to share this memory because, well it’s the most vivid memory I’m able to recall in my baked state, and it’s the first major cannabis event I ever attended. Basically what made me see cannabis in the business and political state, rather than the sitting around getting high state. Both states are cool, though.

Now at the time, medical mary jane had been legal since like 1998 but recreational had just been legalized in 2012.  California was known as the cannabis mecca, but I wanted a DIFFERENT experience. I wanted to see a state that was legalized recreationally in its birth stages. And wow, so glad I did. Too bad I wasn’t a medical patient…got all the way to the cup and found out it was catering mostly to medical patients, and you had to be a patient to “sample” the “inventory” of the various cannabis businesses.


Below: Some of the infused (and yummy) edibles purchased





The GOOD thing is, I was surrounded by potheads. I did not leave the fest sober, that’s for sure, and was even able to find a couple of tents that did cater to the rec crowd! Sweet! Although I was there for the experience, I was blown away by the number of cannabusinesses, the levels of professionalism and insight, and how comfortable everyone was to discuss getting as high as possible! (I won’t lie, my natural paranoia forced me to still check over my shoulder for cops. It is what it is.)


I dunno the guy below, I just know that was the biggest joint I had ever seen in person. Making him my best friend.


I’ve been an entrepreneur almost my entire life. I knew, immediately, the career paths gods were shining vibrantly down upon me.  From that moment I decided to dedicate myself to the advocacy and industry of cannabis.  And anyone who knows me personally probably is saying “duh I could have told you that like 10 years ago” but screw you, I’m late to the idea show sometimes so don’t knock me while I’m out here, just trying to live my dreams lol.

I met CEO’s, managers, marketers, patients, and of course, other curious Chicago residents and advocates.  Businesses ranged from hemp clothing to weed gummies to glass bongs…all the way to cannabis offense law firms, staffing agencies, even digital media companies! I hit a joint that was like 3 feet long, had my first hit of wax (more on that later), met Miss High Times 2014 (remember that picture from my super early blog?), and I forgot the rest but you probably knew that. Point is, I’m like…BRUH? Why aren’t people in Chicago and other parts of Illinois enjoying this fresh industry, this opportunity to-

Because, it just ain’t like that in Illinois, that’s why. And by that time, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act was only a year old. I would go on to attend other pro-cannabis fests, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI this past June. I ended up going because I assisted with a volunteer project in Detroit, and had a friend in Flint, MI willing to spare a couch lol. Now that my focus is more than just the recreational use of cannabis, I have started limiting attendance to events that don’t focus on legalization, inclusion, and policy reformation. Y’all know my heart!

But I do hope for the day every state has the option of choosing between a wine fest, beer fest, or cannabis fest next summer. It’s not just food truck cuisine, nice weather, and performers, it’s freedom. It’s another opportunity to gain exposure to the marijuana industry and culture that is safe and unbiased.


If you’re in a financial position to, I highly recommend Googling states with recreational cannabis fests or, if you’re a patient, the numerous medical ones. It’s an unforgettable experience, and it’s probably cheaper than the average getaway. Lol aside from the cost of entry to the cup (around $60 and up), you’re going to spend your entire time consuming free cannabis, eating, and getting some good sleep lol!

I’m still finding pics so bear with me, I’ll post as many as I can!

Peace and bud!



Ok I took the pic below in the Seattle airport. I thought it was funny, nothing cannabis related lol.



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