Midwest Cannabis Network-Event Invite! (Chicago)

High good people, and happy 4:20 on Fried Day!

It’s the weeeeeekend baby! And though I am enjoying this extended, sweltering summer in September, a lady is tired! But I didn’t want to settle into my evening without a nice hybrid-driven post just for you!

By the way, I’m smoking Blue Dream. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s been a pretty popular strain across demographics for a good while now. Remember, sativa is the type of cannabis that stimulates the mind, uplifts, and sometimes energizes. Basically, if you want to feel high but you’ve got ish to do lol and want to still be focused, stick with sativa. Now, a hybrid that is more sativa than indica means you will still feel that relaxation in your body, kind of stoned, but will still want to read or watch a good movie…maybe even type a blog about it lol. And of course, the opposite goes for indica-dominant hybrids: Mostly body stoned but balanced with a nice mental high.

Let me check the heading to remember what I started this post for…OH yea. The cannabis event. Want to come? You should!

midwest event

The Midwest Cannabis Network is hosting a great networking mixer on October 2, 2017. If you are in the Chicago area, or can get here, come on through!  Tickets will be available for purchase THIS Sunday at 6pm, and trust me, demand is strong! Here’s the info : Midwest Cannabis Network Facebook Page

Oh, and here’s their website: Midwest Cannabis Network

I volunteered at this event months ago and made a ton of dope connections. Pun intended.  I highly suggest attending this event to get a good foot in the door of many businesses and startups, plus other people seeking to make the career change into cannabis. Get a pair of tix, grab your business cards or best smile, and come ready to mingle!

It’s not easy, I won’t lie. Creating your own avenue in the industry is key, but very possible. In Illinois, at least, we have a long way to go, but we’re getting there. So make sure you’re in the loop with all the education and experience you can get!

Have a great weekend blogees!


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