#WCW-Supernova Women

High lovely blogees!

You know what today is, oh yeeeeeah. It’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday and this week, Supernova Women are receiving my kneel and bow-down for their efforts in the cannabis industry.

The definition of supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. These women are definitely growing stars, helping others shine in the midst of a shaky, racially biased industry.

These women do work.

Established in 2015, Amber Senter, Andrea Unsworth, Nina Parks and Tsion “Sunshine” Lencho founded Supernova Women in an effort to educate and empower people of color to enter the legal cannabis industry.

In addition to hosting valuable workshops and discussion series, these ladies are advocates of decriminalization. They hold expungement clinics to provide the public with state law policies, rehabilitation information, and legal assistance. And did I mention they provide FREE services too? Come through ladies!!

I never shy away from discussing the importance of inclusivity of minorities in the cannabis industry. These powerful women are pioneering that effort. I found this awesome WNYC podcast interviewing the organization and the obstacles they faced in a predominantly white industry.

Amber, Andrea, Nina, and Tsion, this blunt’s for you. Thank you for all your efforts in underrepresented communities and further proving why none of us would be anywhere without our beloved #WomeninCannabis.

Peace and bud!


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