Let’s Talk About Sex…and Weed.

Remember the Salt N Pepa hit “Let’s Talk About Sex?” Replace the word “baby” with “and weed” in the chorus and you’ve got today’s blog in a nutshell. Sing it with me now!

“Let’s talk about sex (and weed), let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.”

I love sex. It’s great, it’s just the bees knees. Combined with my other love, marijuana, it’s a threesome that is indeed very satisfying. But is sex and cannabis ALWAYS a match?

Well, yes and no. You want to be aware of what kind of cannabis you’re consuming, how, and of course, how much.  Think about it, sex after a romantic glass of wine may differ from sex after 5 shots of tequila. The same happens with cannabis, so know what you’re puffin before you get to stuffin. Ok that was just terrible. I’m ashamed to say I came up with that.

I read everything, from porn site discussion forums to articles on medical websites. My findings are best expressed in pro/con format. So slip into something more comfortable, and dim the lights…you’re reading from a screen anyway. It’s time to talk dirty.



Pro: You’re high. Not only are you feeling sexy but your partner is too, every song sounds more melodic, every kiss tastes better, and man oh man the feeling is more intense. But speaking of intense…

Con: Ever heard of the phrase “too high”? Whether true or not, consuming too much cannabis can definitely result in feeling lethargic or sleepy. Not exactly the vibe you want for sex. But post-sex? Sure! Plus a decrease in speed can come in handy…

Pro: Time slows down, including the length of orgasm. Couples and individuals across all demographics agree that a good stoned bone feels like it lasts longer and the climax is even higher than you are. Bom chicka wow…WAIT…

Con: Yea, wait indeed. Men and their partners reported men either taking too long (or not long enough) to reach climax. Additionally, heavy cannabis use can lower sperm count and can sometimes cause vaginal dryness.  Buzz kill. Fortunately for us…

Pro: Cannabis stimulates sexual creativity. So if climax was reached too early, go another round. If it’s taking a while, use that time to have fun! Unless…

Con: You’re just not into it. Informal medical studies have shown decreased testosterone levels even in people who like doing it while high. Meaning, lower libido. AKA, “not tonight, honey.” Don’t blow out those candles yet, because…

Pro: Cannabis is AWESOME for masturbation. Oh yea. Rubbing one out while baked is a great way to get to know what strains affects you best (or worst) while in that va va voom state of mind. It’s also a great stress reliever, helps you relax, and it’s your body. Show it a little love here and there!

The pros and cons still vary from person to person. Just be aware that when choosing to get down, be careful. Whether cannabis or alcohol it’s important to know your limits so you are in control of your decisions. I mean that, because I love you.

So toke up and get down, with your sexy self.

“Your love is a kind of special treat, a personal stash…I’m hooked on you, chocolate star. I got the munchies for your love.” –Bootsie Collins

#WCW-Supernova Women

High lovely blogees!

You know what today is, oh yeeeeeah. It’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday and this week, Supernova Women are receiving my kneel and bow-down for their efforts in the cannabis industry.

The definition of supernova is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. These women are definitely growing stars, helping others shine in the midst of a shaky, racially biased industry.

These women do work.

Established in 2015, Amber Senter, Andrea Unsworth, Nina Parks and Tsion “Sunshine” Lencho founded Supernova Women in an effort to educate and empower people of color to enter the legal cannabis industry.

In addition to hosting valuable workshops and discussion series, these ladies are advocates of decriminalization. They hold expungement clinics to provide the public with state law policies, rehabilitation information, and legal assistance. And did I mention they provide FREE services too? Come through ladies!!

I never shy away from discussing the importance of inclusivity of minorities in the cannabis industry. These powerful women are pioneering that effort. I found this awesome WNYC podcast interviewing the organization and the obstacles they faced in a predominantly white industry.

Amber, Andrea, Nina, and Tsion, this blunt’s for you. Thank you for all your efforts in underrepresented communities and further proving why none of us would be anywhere without our beloved #WomeninCannabis.

Peace and bud!


So, You Want To Start An Illinois MMJ Dispensary?

Well, good luck. And I’m not saying that like I’m hatin’ or anything. I mean it.

The process for even applying to open a dispensary SUUUUUCKS AAAASSSSSS but if you are really about this life, I want to help.

Got a million dollars? Ok well you may as well stop reading now.

KIDDING! You kept reading, didn’t you? Because you’re smart…you’re loyal. I appreciate that.

But you do need to have serious coin on hand and in the bank. I don’t know exact figures, but I figure they are figures I don’t have. So bear with me.

First, must have a business plan. Anything from the scratch on the back of that long ass CVS pharmacy receipt or a professionally prepared layout that includes but isn’t limited to your dispensary’s bylaws, board of directors/corporate officers, established partnership agreements, bank accounts, and trademark/incorporation. I majored in business, I know a lil suntin suntin.

What I DIDN’T know were the fees for just getting a license. Remember now, a dispensary is still a retail business, and IL charges $40,000 for a retail license. Cough it up.

Let’s learn a new phrase that isn’t new to everyone: STARTUP CAPITAL. This money is a punch in the gut because you don’t spend it, but must have it just to get approved by your state to open a dispensary. In Illinois, it’s between $250,000 to $500,000.

NOW, get a location, and not just a place you have been looking at that would “be sooooo cute as a dispensary.” You must have a location secured (leased or owned), so start crowd funding, begging lol, or applying for loans. Too bad so few banks in this state are willing to have cannabis companies as their customers. But if you find one, maintain a good relationship. You’ll need it, and you’ll need to ensure they know you are using their money for a business that is compliant with city/state law.

AND I MEAN COMPLIANT. You’ll get inspected with a fine toothed comb once the business is ready to open, so stay woke lol.

For instance, in Chicago, a dispensary cannot be within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center, or residential area.  Hopefully that cute little spot still qualifies. (Source: https://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dcd/provdrs/admin/news/2013/nov/zoning-regulations-proposed-for-medical-marijuana-dispensaries–.html

So you’ve got your location. Gotta set it up, and it won’t be for the free lol! But with some creativity, thrifty shopping, and setup skills you can have your dispensary decked out and furnished for about $5,000-$15,000 depending on the size and the look you’re going for. The more simple, the cheaper. Don’t forget a GOOD security system, guard(s), electricity, signs, ads, employees, accountant (you’ll want one), and of course, product. WEED.

This is where I sign off as far as know how. But I’m aware that different dispensaries usually have contracts with growers and cultivators. And like you, they want to get paid. So budget in the cost of getting the good stuff with a reputable company. And as a an avid dispensary visitor, trust me…the cheapest is not always the best. Variety of strains and cannabis products is what brings customers in. QUALITY is what keeps them coming back.

Alright so you are looking good! I don’t know how you did it but you did it, you got your plan, your cash, your license, and your location. When can I come buy some dank?

Uh…hum. Totally forgot something…before you started this process, did you get lucky enough to get chosen as one of the only 60 dispensaries allowed in this entire state? Meaning you had your application in yesterday lol? Oh, you did? Well excuse me! Congratulations is still in order, and Illinois will thank you by asking for another $6,000 for the dispensary license.

Well alright! Now you are ready to open for business and start assisting patients in choosing and purchasing their cannabis medication. TOO BAD Illinois only allows 40 types of conditions to qualify people as patients, you’d probably have a lot more business. But we can worry about that bridge when it’s time to cross it, eh?

Man, I just typed a lot. Took a couple dropperfuls of a nice indica tincture that surprisingly didn’t make me want to melt into the couch. So pardon the long blog but words are for reading, right? You’re welcome. I hope this gave you some insight on the over-romanticized reality of starting a dispensary, ESPECIALLY in IL. They ain’t playin! If you really just want to be in the cannabis industry, get creative. Whatever skills you have now most likely can be a great contribution to a still very new industry. Get in where you fit in, and elevate!

Good luck blogees!

For more information, visit the city of of Chicago website here:


Here’s a great state-by-state list compiled by The National Cannabis Industry Association:  http://3hl3hg1lvfpa2qxgq62uw69x-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/State-by-StateApplicationRequirements.pdf


“Forward motion make you sway like the ocean/the herb is more than just a powerful potion” –Cypress Hill

Midwest Cannabis Network-Event Invite! (Chicago)

High good people, and happy 4:20 on Fried Day!

It’s the weeeeeekend baby! And though I am enjoying this extended, sweltering summer in September, a lady is tired! But I didn’t want to settle into my evening without a nice hybrid-driven post just for you!

By the way, I’m smoking Blue Dream. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s been a pretty popular strain across demographics for a good while now. Remember, sativa is the type of cannabis that stimulates the mind, uplifts, and sometimes energizes. Basically, if you want to feel high but you’ve got ish to do lol and want to still be focused, stick with sativa. Now, a hybrid that is more sativa than indica means you will still feel that relaxation in your body, kind of stoned, but will still want to read or watch a good movie…maybe even type a blog about it lol. And of course, the opposite goes for indica-dominant hybrids: Mostly body stoned but balanced with a nice mental high.

Let me check the heading to remember what I started this post for…OH yea. The cannabis event. Want to come? You should!

midwest event

The Midwest Cannabis Network is hosting a great networking mixer on October 2, 2017. If you are in the Chicago area, or can get here, come on through!  Tickets will be available for purchase THIS Sunday at 6pm, and trust me, demand is strong! Here’s the info : Midwest Cannabis Network Facebook Page

Oh, and here’s their website: Midwest Cannabis Network

I volunteered at this event months ago and made a ton of dope connections. Pun intended.  I highly suggest attending this event to get a good foot in the door of many businesses and startups, plus other people seeking to make the career change into cannabis. Get a pair of tix, grab your business cards or best smile, and come ready to mingle!

It’s not easy, I won’t lie. Creating your own avenue in the industry is key, but very possible. In Illinois, at least, we have a long way to go, but we’re getting there. So make sure you’re in the loop with all the education and experience you can get!

Have a great weekend blogees!


#WCW-Tiffany Reynolds (Interview)

High lovely people? Flying high today, or mellow movin? Either way, I’ve got  special treat to accommodate your hump day. Today’s special guest for this week’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday is Tiffany Reynolds, founder and owner of Soul and Wellness MMJ services and education center! I met her at a cannabis mixer, and she has been a wealth of knowledge and resources for me ever since.

The woman puts the busy in the term busy body! She was on her way to a dispensary and took the time to call in to Clear As Smoke. I hope you all are able to gain some gems from my lovely friend!



Soul and Wellness provides a wide array of services to get you approved for your medical marijuana card (MMC). They also offer monthly educational seminars. To accommodate individuals who do not qualify for a MMC, they have an ample variety of CBD products.

The place is lit. It’s a warm, inviting environment and I encourage everyone to stop by if you can.  Check out the website: Soul And Wellness

Contact: 312-937-3333 2007 S. Blue Island, Chicago, IL 60608

Oh, she mentioned a few people and organizations you should know about. Click on each to find out more. You’ll be happy you did and you know it.


Two Dope Chicks

The Herbal Care Center

Told you!

This smoke session is dedicated to you Tiffany! Thank you for being another phenomenal #WCW in the industry!

The Struggle, Within the Struggle

I know I’m speaking to a diverse audience. I’m privileged to represent a culture that is inclusive, because I truly feel everyone loves marijuana lol. Let a girl dream.

Although the industry is indeed more open than many, with women dominating businesses and organizations, it’s clear that present separations continue to exist, even within cannabis advocacy. Got a story I’d like to tell ya, wanna hear it? Here it goes!

(To keep it classy, I won’t mention any names or organizations; what’s important is the principal. Or is it principle? It’s principle.)

I went to a meeting for a cannabis legalization group a little while ago. I go to many, so don’t try to guess lol. Very insightful and was held in a community I was very familiar with. Afterwards, I suggested to one of the coordinators that maybe having a few meetings in my neck of the woods may help expand the reach of the group’s mission. Additionally, it will give the members new perspectives of different demographics, which is important when representing people who want to legalize cannabis (AKA everybody!).

Long story short, he shot it down. Something about the location being inconvenient for the job he has to come from, there’s more activity in this area, blah blah blah. Nodding in understanding, with the classic smile, I decided to network with other members of the organization, and made some good connections. Basically, I let that initial exchange roll off my back. And I wasn’t even high! Where’s my applause??

A couple of days later I receive a phone call from ol boy, and you guessed it. He wanted to use one of the spaces I offered. I was still considering offering the information to him, except what pissed a sista off was how he presented his newfound need.

“Well, going over the available space for our next meeting it looks like we don’t have any partners that can provide one for free. Plus it is very important that we have a diverse selection of locations so people of different communities can access our meetings. We have meetings the 3rd (whatever) of every month and I’ll need a confirmation from whatever space agrees as soon as you can get it.”

I’m not big on apologies or asking for them, but I damn sure was waiting for one. Didn’t get it. It’s ALL good though, I let him know I’ll keep in touch because by then I already told the owner of the space it was a no-go. I agreed to keep in touch but eh…ya know. This is bigger than me so I’ll keep him as a contact. What I did get was a clear idea of one of the many barriers of educating certain Chicago communities about cannabis and legalization: Some mofos don’t want to come to my side of town until they absolutely have to. Even for pot lol!

Well LISTEN UP!! ALL of Chicago, as well as Illinois, deserves access to regulated cannabis and the ability to advocate! When I say underrepresented communities, that includes people of color, women, veterans, disabled, homeless, and the elderly.  I represent these groups and in order to get their support, they need cannabis education and opportunities just like the north side and suburbs of Chicago. I will not and can not work for opportunists. My efforts are sincere, and even within my business I maintain my position to further expose the cannabis industry and community to those who would otherwise not get the opportunity. NOT because it’s their fault, but because of small but frequent situations like these.

I’m an African American woman who is a cannabis advocate that was born, raised, and is residing on Chicago’s Southside. My work and efforts will reflect and represent that, along with the other communities aforementioned.

Call me biased, just make sure you use the right area code. 773.

Have a weekend that leaves you flying high good people. And if you know of a location in the Chicagoland area willing to donate space for free workshops and meetings regarding cannabis, please let me know! Slide in the DM or whatever lol. Peace and bud!





#TBT-My First Cannabis Cup, 2014

High y’all!

Got a joke for ya, ready? Ok so this teen asks his mom to use her brand new car even though he doesn’t have a license. Of course she declines but he begs and begs, pleading that he’s a good driver even though he hasn’t taken the driving test yet. He says, “Mom, is there ANY way I can get you to let me use the car?” She replies, “Sure honey!” He says, “Really? HOW??” She pauses, then says, “Well, first you have to take the f out of the word ‘way’.” Confused, he replies, “But Mom, there’s no f in way!”

“Exactly, son.”

Get it? LOL now take that to your water coolers in the morning. Guaranteed laughs, or a firing. Roll the dice! Today I wanted to reflect on my first cannabis cup. Exactly two years ago today I went to Seattle, WA to experience my first High Times Cannabis Cup. Now if you don’t know about High Times, you should. Click here…WHEN YOU’RE DONE READING THIS. I get jealous, sue me.

I wanted to share this memory because, well it’s the most vivid memory I’m able to recall in my baked state, and it’s the first major cannabis event I ever attended. Basically what made me see cannabis in the business and political state, rather than the sitting around getting high state. Both states are cool, though.

Now at the time, medical mary jane had been legal since like 1998 but recreational had just been legalized in 2012.  California was known as the cannabis mecca, but I wanted a DIFFERENT experience. I wanted to see a state that was legalized recreationally in its birth stages. And wow, so glad I did. Too bad I wasn’t a medical patient…got all the way to the cup and found out it was catering mostly to medical patients, and you had to be a patient to “sample” the “inventory” of the various cannabis businesses.


Below: Some of the infused (and yummy) edibles purchased





The GOOD thing is, I was surrounded by potheads. I did not leave the fest sober, that’s for sure, and was even able to find a couple of tents that did cater to the rec crowd! Sweet! Although I was there for the experience, I was blown away by the number of cannabusinesses, the levels of professionalism and insight, and how comfortable everyone was to discuss getting as high as possible! (I won’t lie, my natural paranoia forced me to still check over my shoulder for cops. It is what it is.)


I dunno the guy below, I just know that was the biggest joint I had ever seen in person. Making him my best friend.


I’ve been an entrepreneur almost my entire life. I knew, immediately, the career paths gods were shining vibrantly down upon me.  From that moment I decided to dedicate myself to the advocacy and industry of cannabis.  And anyone who knows me personally probably is saying “duh I could have told you that like 10 years ago” but screw you, I’m late to the idea show sometimes so don’t knock me while I’m out here, just trying to live my dreams lol.

I met CEO’s, managers, marketers, patients, and of course, other curious Chicago residents and advocates.  Businesses ranged from hemp clothing to weed gummies to glass bongs…all the way to cannabis offense law firms, staffing agencies, even digital media companies! I hit a joint that was like 3 feet long, had my first hit of wax (more on that later), met Miss High Times 2014 (remember that picture from my super early blog?), and I forgot the rest but you probably knew that. Point is, I’m like…BRUH? Why aren’t people in Chicago and other parts of Illinois enjoying this fresh industry, this opportunity to-

Because, it just ain’t like that in Illinois, that’s why. And by that time, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act was only a year old. I would go on to attend other pro-cannabis fests, including the High Times Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI this past June. I ended up going because I assisted with a volunteer project in Detroit, and had a friend in Flint, MI willing to spare a couch lol. Now that my focus is more than just the recreational use of cannabis, I have started limiting attendance to events that don’t focus on legalization, inclusion, and policy reformation. Y’all know my heart!

But I do hope for the day every state has the option of choosing between a wine fest, beer fest, or cannabis fest next summer. It’s not just food truck cuisine, nice weather, and performers, it’s freedom. It’s another opportunity to gain exposure to the marijuana industry and culture that is safe and unbiased.


If you’re in a financial position to, I highly recommend Googling states with recreational cannabis fests or, if you’re a patient, the numerous medical ones. It’s an unforgettable experience, and it’s probably cheaper than the average getaway. Lol aside from the cost of entry to the cup (around $60 and up), you’re going to spend your entire time consuming free cannabis, eating, and getting some good sleep lol!

I’m still finding pics so bear with me, I’ll post as many as I can!

Peace and bud!



Ok I took the pic below in the Seattle airport. I thought it was funny, nothing cannabis related lol.



#WCW-Charlo Greene

“Fuck it, I quit.”

The famous words that rang bells across the internet, calmly recited by the bold and beautiful Charlo Greene. She’s this week’s #WCW (Womenbin Cannabis Wednesday) and one of my heroes. Why? Because on live television, the then-news reporter announced she would be quitting her job to pursue her cannabis business in Alaska. But can we say understatement??

Now before I go any further, be aware that Greene is facing a 54-year prison sentence for her efforts to legalize cannabis in the state of Alaska. Yea. Apparently she is being charged with a total of 14 felony and misdemeanor counts based on raids and investigations of her business, some even after Alaskan voters agreed that marijuana decriminalization was necessary.

But screw the negative. I’ll update you all on her case as soon as I can. She’s host and creator of The Weed Show With Charlo Greene. She is the CEO of CBD Body and Beauty, a line of premium CBD beauty products. She is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, Alaska’s first legal cannabis resource company.  She is a true cannabis advocate, raising $10,000 for marijuana reform efforts.  She’s appeared in numerous publications from High Times to Elle magazine.

Lol you’re still thinking about her saying fuck it on live television thought, aren’t you? So messy! I am too, check it out below (it happens at 3:00, but watch the whole thing lol):


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET0UXwzfCOU&w=560&h=315]


Yea, you saw it right. She not only opened a cannabis business while still being a news reporter,  but then did a story on her business, and quit on television to pursue the mission she just reported.  Women in cannabis are bad ass!

So, here we are with Greene facing jail time for numerous charges that are bogus to say the least. She’s faced eviction, arrests, raids, and backlash for being a cannabis activist, but she hasn’t stopped the fight! She continues to educate, entertain, and contribute to the progress of cannabis legalization and policy reformation.

We support you Charlo Greene! Make sure to follow her on all the social media outlets, and keep supporting every #WCW whose mission is marijuana!

“Lobby, and explain to people what cannabis is, why it’s necessary, why it’s a good thing, and not a bad thing. It’s all on you if you want to see that change.” –Charlo Greene



Ever Been Arrested for Weed? I Have.

Yea I sold pot before. Wanna fight about it? Meet me outside. Until then, read this so we can be friends again lol.

I sold it, purchased it, drove it across state lines, even hid some in personal places to shake the pigs. (“Shake the pigs” means to escape police apprehension, or being able to conceal illegal goods on your person while being searched by police). To me, I was doing what I had to do. I was fired from a job for testing positive for THC in my system, but still making money selling pot to one of my trainers.  As a business management major, I sold enough weed on two college campuses to buy a used car and start paying back the loans I still had while in college. Am I proud? Yes and no.

I don’t regret anything, except getting caught lol. Making my mother cry, hefty fines, clearing my record, etc came with the territory. I knew what I was doing was illegal, but I also knew I wasn’t hurting anyone. I’m also an only child lol so self made excuses is liable to occur sometimes.

I’ve never been a fan of law enforcement, yea I said it. As much as I do believe there are good cops, I also feel there aren’t enough of them speaking up and standing up to the bad ones. Living on Chicago’s South Side since birth, I see crime often but I witness police harassment DAILY. Women, men, even young children have mixed feelings about the boys in blue because in certain areas, you’ll never know what may come next after hearing, “Do you know why I stopped you” or “What are you doing around here?” My bias is from my perspective, so know my perspective is biased.

Today is Labor Day, a day to celebrate the day when thousands of workers decided to have a parade. That’s all I know, as far as history goes. Another thing I know is the growing number of jobs people won’t be taking a break from due to cannabis offenses.  There’s too many people sitting in jail since last week wishing Labor Day wasn’t a holiday, so that they can see the judge today and not tomorrow.  A child won’t be seeing their parents until next year, or next decade. A college hopeful just got their scholarship taken away.  A disabled veteran just paid the last of his savings to the courts.

A day off to some is a day lost to others. ANY day spent in jail for cannabis possession is a day too many.  When cannabis lands another person in jail, we ALL pay!

I invite you all to the Illinois NORML Chicago chapter meeting THIS Wednesday, September 6 (I didn’t even realize it was September already), 2017 from 7:30pm-9:30pm at 2048 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. Don’t meet me there, beat me there! Topics to be covered include the latest news in Illinois policy reform and information on efforts to pass an adult cannabis use bill. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded activists, advocates, professionals, and patients.

Today, many of us take a well deserved break from our jobs. But let’s not forget that the work is never done. Have a happy, and high, Labor Day.

“Me and Mary Jane, it’s my world, it’s my thang. The way she penetrates my brain.”           –Bone Thugs N Harmony


App Alert!-Cannabis Associates Network

High y’all! Saturdays are when we get to relax, unwind from the week’s crayness, or fight crowds at shopping centers. Others are going to their jobs, or looking for one.
So the weekend is when I get the most inquiries and DM slides about working in the cannabis industry. Let me tell ya, it’s not difficult…but it’s not easy. Because the industry is so new, many cannabis businesses are still working out the kinks and developing their brands. Not to mention doing whatever it takes to prevent the long arm of the law interfering. So networking is sooooo important, after education.

Use your existing networking sites to incorporate your interest in the industry. And when a new one comes along, jump on it!

I’m a member of the Cannabis Associates Network, and you should be too! Even if you aren’t interested in working in the industry, this app has great articles, events, and groups of different interests.




Visit the site to take a peek, then download the app! At once! Cannabis Associates Network

Invite your friends and get connected! This is an awesome platform that is user friendly and super informative. Find me on there readers, keep networking, and have a great Saturday!

“It’s Saturday! Sticky icky icky….”–Ludacris