Happy #MedicalMonday!!

I’m typing this in the sauna at the gym, so if the words start to jumble, or just stop, I passed out. CALL 911 FOR ME.

Anywhoo, just finished a pretty good workout, with a pretty good amount of THC in my system. Ok don’t tell me you already forgot what THC is, I’m supposed to be the pothead here! Lol THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis that gives that high feeling.

It has also been proven to regulate metabolism and aid in weight loss. Yea, munchies and all. (Cannabis doesn’t really increase your appetite, just your sense of smell. So that desire for food is really your high nose giving your brain the “good food is here” signal)

There’s sooooo many benefits to cannabis, that it needs its own day. Pain relief, anti-depressant, sleep aid, MS treatment, cancer cell killer…I could go on but I really am about to pass the f*ck out. Be right back…

… …

…Oh my gawd water never tasted so good. So in order to understand the benefits of marijuana, lets talk about its basic effects. When it comes to marijuana you have 3 main strains, or types: indica, sativa, or hybrid (of both). I’m a sativa lady myself, but I enjoy a nice indica at the end of a long day with a nice glass of merl-

YOU DON’T CARE, I KNOW. Ok here’s the definitions lol:

But if you want something more basic, with less colors, I got ya! (So picky, sheesh!)

So when being prescribed cannabis, it’s important to be honest about your symptoms, or desired feeling, because just like every woman, all Mary Jane is not the same, but ALL have its own set of unique, wonderful benefits!

NOW, when you discuss cannabis you have at least a few fancy words to throw in the conversation. All jokes aside, this basic difference is the blueprint for the development of so many different cannabis treatments, and counting!

Speaking of treatment, where is that damned ambulance?

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