Senator Cory Booker…All Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

The importance of cannabis legalization on a national level seems extreme, but so necessary in today’s society.  Politicians have a responsibility to citizens to explore ALL possible solutions to issues that have long-standing negative impact over the people that chose them.

Cory Booker rose to that challenge today. It’s time for federal law to accept cannabis as a medicinal and recreational substance and not a harmful, illegal drug. Please take some time to watch Senator Booker’s Faceboook Live explanation of his #MarijuanaJusticeLaw, where he also answers questions from viewers.


For the full Washington Post article click the link above.

I’ve been arrested for cannabis-related offenses. Fortunately, none on a federal level. But even the misdemeanors landed me on probation and loss of employment. All before I completed college. Meanwhile, many of my collegiate counterparts were drinking liquor like fishes and smoking tobacco with chimney-like precision. I would never judge…

But come on. Who am I REALLY hurting by toking my spliff? (That means smoking my joint, usually marijuana rolled in a paper joint)

There’s more money in cannabis regulation and legalization than prohibition and criminalization. America is no good without its vices. Because this is a stressful, beautiful, complex, ugly, remarkable place that is a melting pot of cultures, it should be a governmental obligation for a government to embrace any societal agent that relieves people, and brings them together.


Thank you, Senator Booker.


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