Without Flower, There Is No Industry

We ALL are clear on the fact that cannabis is a plant, right? It grows from a seed with various mediums including soil, water, or even clay pebbles. It can be grown inside or outside, with heights ranging from 2 feet to almost 8 feet, and that’s on average! All these factor combinations determine the type, or strain, of the cannabis will be categorized.

Movies and music have introduced different types of strains, but really knowing the differences is more than the picture Hollywood paints. Today, there are about 800 documented strains in the world, but the number is actually infinite. Weather a professional grower who handles 500 plants or a patient who grows 10 plants within their home, people are always creating new strains. Many are awesome, some suck. It’s all trial and error. How any of these strains end up on the shelves of dispensaries depends on many factors, but certainly includes the strain, its quality, and if it passed state cannabis regulations. It’s no joke, either. To grow, facilities must maintain strict sanitary conditions, the grower must be licensed, and the flower must be of medical standards, meaning it has to be the GOOD stuff lol. (By the way, flower is another term for the dried buds of the cannabis plant. The pot, if you will.)

For instance, MANY people have heard the song “Bad and Bougie” by the hip hop group The Migos. In the chorus, Migos member Offset refers to the strain Girl Scout Cookies:

“Rain drops, drop top, smoking on cookie in the hotbox.”

(Hotbox is a term referring to smoking cannabis in an enclosed space, usually a car, with windows and doors closed to enclose the cannabis smoke. This causes a faster and more elevated high, but know this is not a healthy way to consume  cannabis. When marijuana smoke is exhaled, so is CO2, and that being breathed back in by whoever is smoking.)

Girl Scout Cookies is a sativa strain, meaning the relief, or high, is felt in the brain, or a cerebral high. It is also a potent sativa strain, meaning it has a high THC count and the effects are more psychedelic, not medical. Now, Sour Tsunami is also a sativa strain but grown with a low THC count, and a high CBD count (CBD stands for cannabidiol; it’s the healing/pain relieving agent in cannabis). So how is one felt in the head, but doesn’t get you high? Relief of headaches, insomnia, paranoia, even pain have been reported by users of Sour Tsunami and Girl Scout Cookies, but the latter gives that lava lamp light feeling, while the first mostly relieves.

I have used oils extracted from cannabis flower for various reasons. Some with all THC and no CBD, because I strictly wanted the high feeling, and one with 50/50 percentage, because I wanted pain relief with a little buzz to settle into my evening. Research is great, but the help of a medical cannabis specialist, or a friendly budtender at a dispensary are great ways to learn about what type of strain is right for you, and how you should consume that type of cannabis. From drink powders, to capsules, to lotions, to putting it in a pipe and blazing up, cannabis strains and consumption is varied and always progressing so more people can have access to its benefits SAFELY.

Hey, you like knowing what type of affect the food or drink you consume will have on you right? Be as inquisitive with cannabis, especially since the information is available!

Peace and bud!

Want to learn more about what a budtender does? Check the article below on how to become a budtender, and what it takes!



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