You may find this post redundant to one I posted last week…


Cannabis legalization without criminal record restoration is how minorities will be left out of experiencing the benefits of the industry. Marijuana offenses can stay on records up to 30 years, preventing finding jobs, voting, even getting a loan or credit card.

For instance, less than 2% of owners in the cannabis industry are African American. However we out number other races in jail for cannabis, while making up about not only 13% of the nation’s population. Moreover, if as many people are using cannabis as we know they are, with African Americans getting stopped and arrested at higher percentages than whites, the probability they’ll get arrested for cannabis is higher also. Get it??

Resources for law enforcement are wasted in the billions annually, while violent crimes, rapes, kidnappings, and robberies sometimes get ignored. The community doesn’t feel safer with cannabis users off the streets; they want less crime.

Offenses for small amounts of recreational cannabis is still being treated as more dangerous substances such as crack or heroine. Minorities are getting permanent records in their teens. People with college degrees and work experience can’t reenter the labor force. This and the related lead to more crime. Let’s stop the cycle, and start advocating for FAIR cannabis law enforcement, and cannabis criminal record restoration.

#LegalizeIt is for us. You don’t have to be a user to advocate for justice and the progress.

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