Not even two whole weeks ago, I was in Charlottesville, VA. I was staying mere miles from the protest and the disgusting display of hate that occurred this past weekend.  Now the president refuses to condemn the proper parties of hate, while defending those who used violence and deadly force to innocent people and total disregard for the law.

This post isn’t about cannabis. It’s a reminder that this blog does not and will not support hate, white supremacy, nor the values endorsed by Donald Trump.

I look forward to connecting with ALL demographics of people through cannabis education and advocacy. With regard to all people having different beliefs and views, this is not a platform for entertaining the so-called morals that hate supporters live by.

My mission is to not only expose the uneducated to the benefits of cannabis, but to contribute to the necessary fight to racially equalize opportunities and criminal rights in this industry.  Bigotry, fascism, racism, and white supremacy are barriers to that mission, and I won’t have it.

As we post hashtags and update our statuses, let’s remember that getting involved is necessary now more than ever. As I always urge, get to know your politicians and community leaders.  We cannot battle hate without representation, and the nation’s leader is severely lacking in representation for us.  The more opportunities made for minorities, the broader the spectrum of our voices will be made.  Cannabis has already opened the door for minority or women owned businesses, but not enough. Black people are still highest represented in prison for cannabis crimes while making up less than 3% of the industry, and in total 13.3% of America’s population.

Starting with education is key. Moving forward with love is crucial.

Feel free to contact me with thoughts, comments, or questions.

Rest in peace Heather Heyer.

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