#WCW-Delanshia Blanchard-Hamilton (Interview)

High everyone! Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

If there’s one thing I love about the cannabis industry, it’s that women are dominating this mofo!! Today I have the pleasure of introducing my friend and investment advisor, Delanshia Blanchard-Hamilton.

But you can call her Lance 🙂

Through the magical hands of Facebook, I came across Lady Lance’s posts regarding investments in the cannabis industry. Next thing you know we’re messaging each other about CBD medication, Bitcoin, and even ethereum stocks! She’s one cool chick, and she took out time to give you all a little insight into investing!

As a native of North Carolina and graduate of East Carolina University, Delanshia discovered that her science degree had not adequately prepared her for life after college. Soon afterward, she developed an interest in economics, finance and the stock market, specifically. That interest evolved into a passion as she encountered many everyday people who could benefit from instruction on personal finance and avenues for wealth building.

Leshane Consulting was founded on that very premise, and Delanshia has had the privilege of hosting SOLD OUT seminars on subjects including the cannabis industry and basic corporate analysis. Do you hear me now? Lol but seriously she is currently pursuing a certification in personal finance and building an investment business with close friends.

Chiggety-check out the interview below (audio file)

Many, many thanks to Lance and make sure to hit her up! Whether cannabis or not, financial education and investment IS advocacy! Enriching ourselves with wealth building knowledge are part of the tools necessary for success and recognition in the industry!

Peace and bud!


One Reply to “#WCW-Delanshia Blanchard-Hamilton (Interview)”

  1. Hey everyone!!!
    Lance, AWESOME interview. I specifically like the part about the $50. Investment turning into a ROI of 1,000 this is the truth. If folks could just let that marinate for a moment. That alone is huge value right there as well as not being afraid of the language on the markets and learning all you can learn about it. Your children and grandchildren will be set. Let’s build my people LTGW!!!!


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