Catching Up In Chicago…

You took your attention away from your timelines, snaps, and other technological forms of anti-anti socialism, the least I can do is give you some good stuff!

Oh, before I forget, CBD PRODUCTS ARE ABSOLUTELY LEGAL TO PURCHASE IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS! CBD hemp oil comes in many forms, including edibles, and are a natural alternative to over the counter pain relief medications or opiates. Just to quote,

“The purchase and consumption of CBD hemp oil is federally legal, as CBD hemp oil falls under the same importation and commerce laws as other hemp products. Illinois has passed no further legislation specifically related to CBD hemp oil.”–Medical Marijuana Inc

I wanted everyone to know that, because CBD medications are awesome ways to experience the healing properties of cannabis without the THC high. Next week I’ll be stopping by the Soul and Wellness center in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood to speak with the knowledgeable and super-friendly Tiffany Reynolds about CBD, its benefits, and products for sale! But feel free to give the center a ring to set up an appointment or visit the website! 312-937-3333, Soul And Wellness website

It’s been a busy week for the Canna Lady! No seriously, had to ask what day of the week this is. Time is flying by, so let’s get caught up!

So, in conversation with some canna-friendly associates, aka my pot homies, I found out that in late March, a federal judge ruled that medical cannabis dispensaries and centers can contribute and donate to political campaigns. Why is this a big deal?  Because it’s politics that’s going to get Illinois from a pilot program state to a fully legal medical (and maybe recreational, start wishing hard lol) state! Furthermore, residents who are and aren’t MMJ patients will have another way of connecting to their local and state representatives. Supporting politicians who are in support of legalization and restoration are key, and gives them another way of providing a stellar resource for the people they represent.

We already know that supporting cannabis is more than just legalizing getting high. It’s endless opportunities, alternative medicine, economic stability and technological progression. It’s about time the residents that are represented by these politicians are truly supported in what can make their lives better. Write letters, call, FACEBOOK your state reps, aldermen, mayors when you are passionate about what is right. Whether it’s cannabis legalization, equal opportunities in education, or racial discrimination…OUR voices can be heard if we speak loud enough!

Ok let me get off my soap box. I’m eating taco flavored chips with a Star Wars tee on. Not in a revolution leading mood right now, just educating. Nevertheless, that’s where change begins.

NEXT thing I found out is many cannabis businesses cannot advertise within 1000 feet of a church, school, or park because there are children or teens who are 18 and under.  I see where the morale lies except for all of the establishments that sell liquor and tobacco within that radius of those places, but I digress.  STIGMA is the issue. That even in 2017 it’s ok for children to see pictures of adults sipping cognac or large, public tobacco ads in the same establishments where they purchase candy but cannabis advertising is deemed irresponsible.


For now, it is what it is. But maybe now you see the bias, which creates the reputation, that results in cannabis being this dangerous “drug” that needs to be kept under wraps. Nah. It’s medicine, it’s ours, and it’s here.

Mmmkay moooving right along, I highly suggest checking out Sensi magazine. It’s a Denver publication that is pro-community and pro-cannabis, and Chicago is the next city to start printing! Get in the know now, by the way I’m a local Sensi publisher, shameless plug lol. Check us out by clicking here—> Sensi Magazine website, or slide in my DM. You naughty thing you.

Alright, gotta make a dispensary run. Check back tomorrow, or don’t. I’ll be here lol!

“If weed was legal, then I wouldn’t have a problem. But then again, I have more problems with what’s legal than what’s not. So, just be careful.” –my mother.

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