#WCW-Jazmin Hupp and Jane West

High and Happy Hump Day!

The cannabusiness is an industry everyone wants to get into, but many simply don’t know how. There’s the stigma of 1. This industry being about pot and 2. Not having experience.

“But CannaLady, I live in Illinois? The pilot program has only been in effect for a few years! Is there a school? How do I get in?”

NETWORK. I say it all the time. There is a very high chance the job skills you have right now fit into the industry; you may just need some more cannabis and industry research. But hey, you should be researching ANY industry you’re interested/working in, right?

Anywhoo, light a fattie for these lovely ladies, founders of WomenGrow, Jazmin Hupp and Jane West! WomenGrow is a for-profit organization (ca-ching!) that connects and empowers current and future businesswomen in cannabis. How dope is that?

West began working in the nonprofit field, and saw an opportunity for major career growth once Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana. She opened Edible Events in 2014, a monthly marijuana mixer event that featured artists and chefs in the industry. Unfortunately she was still employed by an educational program company and was seen consuming cannabis on television at her event, and was fired. THEN the city of Denver cracked down on her monthly event, yet she persevered.

Seeking new employment yet wanting to remain in the cannabis industry, she attended cannabis networking events and conventions. Noticing there was a void for women seeking professional advancement in cannabis, she partnered with Hubb to create WomenGrow. Check out the video below, plus I need to roll up.



Events are held monthly across 30 cities nationwide. These women really put their game into overdrive! Nowadays, I can find numerous women groups dedicated to cannabis knowledge, professional advancement, and advocacy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many events I’ve attended to break into the industry. Some I paid for, some were free, all were worth it. In cannabis, having that exposure and knowledge is as valuable as a college degree in many other industries. The cannabusiness is still a baby, but growing at a rapid pace. Making these connections are so crucial to becoming a cannaprofessional (I put canna in front of anything now lol) or simply becoming more educated on the plant we love so much.

Take a minute and check out WomenGrow, even if you aren’t a woman (come on now) for great videos, information, and to see if there’s an event coming to a city near you!

Peace and bud my loyal blogees!




Sources: 1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2015/05/28/the-top-businesswomen-in-the-cannabis-industry/#1c6223fd3351

2. (Video) http://womengrow.com/




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