Let’s Talk About Sex…and Weed.

Remember the Salt N Pepa hit “Let’s Talk About Sex?” Replace the word “baby” with “and weed” in the chorus and you’ve got today’s blog in a nutshell. Sing it with me now!

“Let’s talk about sex (and weed), let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.”

I love sex. It’s great, it’s just the bees knees. Combined with my other love, marijuana, it’s a threesome that is indeed very satisfying. But is sex and cannabis ALWAYS a match?

Well, yes and no. You want to be aware of what kind of cannabis you’re consuming, how, and of course, how much.  Think about it, sex after a romantic glass of wine may differ from sex after 5 shots of tequila. The same happens with cannabis, so know what you’re puffin before you get to stuffin. Ok that was just terrible. I’m ashamed to say I came up with that.

I read everything, from porn site discussion forums to articles on medical websites. My findings are best expressed in pro/con format. So slip into something more comfortable, and dim the lights…you’re reading from a screen anyway. It’s time to talk dirty.



Pro: You’re high. Not only are you feeling sexy but your partner is too, every song sounds more melodic, every kiss tastes better, and man oh man the feeling is more intense. But speaking of intense…

Con: Ever heard of the phrase “too high”? Whether true or not, consuming too much cannabis can definitely result in feeling lethargic or sleepy. Not exactly the vibe you want for sex. But post-sex? Sure! Plus a decrease in speed can come in handy…

Pro: Time slows down, including the length of orgasm. Couples and individuals across all demographics agree that a good stoned bone feels like it lasts longer and the climax is even higher than you are. Bom chicka wow…WAIT…

Con: Yea, wait indeed. Men and their partners reported men either taking too long (or not long enough) to reach climax. Additionally, heavy cannabis use can lower sperm count and can sometimes cause vaginal dryness.  Buzz kill. Fortunately for us…

Pro: Cannabis stimulates sexual creativity. So if climax was reached too early, go another round. If it’s taking a while, use that time to have fun! Unless…

Con: You’re just not into it. Informal medical studies have shown decreased testosterone levels even in people who like doing it while high. Meaning, lower libido. AKA, “not tonight, honey.” Don’t blow out those candles yet, because…

Pro: Cannabis is AWESOME for masturbation. Oh yea. Rubbing one out while baked is a great way to get to know what strains affects you best (or worst) while in that va va voom state of mind. It’s also a great stress reliever, helps you relax, and it’s your body. Show it a little love here and there!

The pros and cons still vary from person to person. Just be aware that when choosing to get down, be careful. Whether cannabis or alcohol it’s important to know your limits so you are in control of your decisions. I mean that, because I love you.

So toke up and get down, with your sexy self.

“Your love is a kind of special treat, a personal stash…I’m hooked on you, chocolate star. I got the munchies for your love.” –Bootsie Collins

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