#WCW-Edie Moore (Interview)

High and hello! Hey, thanks so much for being a reader, I hope you’re also a follower. That way you’ll never miss my favorite day, Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

This week’s #WCW is the lovely Edie Moore, another pioneer in Illinois Medical Cannabis! I met Edie at a mixer for the IL Women In Cannabis. We kept in touch and she made sure to let me know about meetings, events, not to mention her page is a wealth of information. Remember everyone, networking is EVERYTHING in this industry, and Edie was gracious enough to spend some time breaking it down!

You may want to whip out your notebooks for this one folks!

Edie Moore is one of the original owners of the only minority-owned firm, Illinois Grown Medicine, to receive cannabis licensure in Illinois.  She has since expanded to advise other firms in other markets.  Edie has been a featured speaker at Women Grow, Common Sense Cannabis, and The DOPE Show.  

Recognizing that the opportunities for success in the national cannabis community were overwhelming to many of her friends and colleagues, she looked for a way to break down the content and entry points into more manageable opportunities.  Her firm HUE Platform is a media space that delivers original and informative content and promotes business connections and diversity in the local cannabis industry.  HUE was a 2017 recipient of Chicago Community Trust’s Acting up Grant to produce their Cannabis on the Table microfilm series.

Edie is passionate about reforming cannabis policies in communities of color. To that end, she is a founding board member of Chicago NORML, a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  With over 150 chapters, NORML’s cannabis activism began in the 1970’s and affects cannabis opinions and policy from the grassroots level to Capitol Hill.

Her latest project is CannaPhysEd, a collaborative group that speaks directly to physicians and other healthcare workers about the science of cannabis and encourages training and education for recommendation to their patients.

Source: E. Moore

Get to know more women in cannabis! Just like Edie, women are breaking down doors and barriers so more communities and demographics can reap the benefits medicinally, politically, and economically!

Edie Moore, you’re this week’s Clear As Smoke #WCW, and this blunt’s for you!!

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