Hurricane Maria-The Devastation to Puerto Rico’s MMJ Industry and Needed Revenue

Even in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters in American history, Donald Trump reminded the nation that Puerto Rico is in debt. Thanks, Duck.

Well, Cheez-It Face was right. Puerto Rico is almost $75 billion in debt. The introduction of medical marijuana was expected to create new jobs and businesses, in addition to providing needed medicinal alternatives.  Hurricane Maria destroyed the country from end to end, postponing the growth and operation of medical cannabis businesses. Unfortunately, the process to become a patient or business owner already was very complicated.

Just about everything needed to operate a cannabis grow business or dispensary is almost double the cost of operating in the states.  Electricity is higher, the need for more security is higher, the cost of cannabis is higher, and the cost of outreach is higher.

There are only 29 dispensaries in Puerto Rico, and although the country’s laws have lightened up, patients are allowed to purchase cannabis products from the ONE dispensary they are assigned to. WIth about 5,000 patients and almost double waiting to become patients, many cultivators ended up housing too much weed because there aren’t enough patients buying it.

Additionally, approved patients and medical tourists found the prices are more than double in the states…on average $80 for an eighth. (An eighth refers to an 8th of an ounce. Even from MY experience, I’ve never seen an eighth cost any more than $40. And even THAT would be the top shelf, *kisses fingertips,* primo, grade A herb.


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So longer story short, Maria wiped out the little that PR was working with. Recovery has begun, but not rapidly enough. Cannabis is illegal federally. So PR cannot get any coins from the US for medical cannabis relief. Don’t forget the electricity lost, the dispensaries that couldn’t open, the plants destroyed, and the patients that couldn’t get medicine. Fortunately, the country has temporarily allowed patients to go to any open dispensary. If businesses can’t open, and patients can’t get medicine, jobs and new businesses can’t be developed. NEEDED revenue is being lost day by day.

As the country recovers in every way necessary, send prayers, good energy, donations, and any other help possible to our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico.  The following list was posted on PBS. org for sites to donate.

Peace and bud, lovely blogees.



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