Dope App Alert!-PotBot

Happy Friedday blogees!

Ever thought of keeping a weed journal? Nah? Yea me either.

But it’s highly recommended if you really want to get to know your strains, how they affect you, and the best method or condition for consumption. Patients are recommended to keep track of how different strains effect them for medical purposes, and dispensaries depend on their customers’ reactions to their products.

PotBot is a great app that logs everything from your conditions or desired effects, recommended strains, even nearby dispensaries. There’s nothing worse than ingesting cannabis that gives you a sleepy effect when you have a 2 hour meeting ahead of you. Know your bud folks!


PotBot is like a little bud buddy you go back to and ask questions about strains you’ve tried, or should try. It’s really fun and informative, download and get to swiping for the weekend!

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