You know what love for breakfast? A big stack of pancakes and some hashtags. Click on one word and boom, a plethora of more internet lol. So here’s another one for your statuses and snaps: #CannaProud.

What does it mean?

Conversation is necessary. Cannabis will continue being this taboo, behind-closed-doors type of subject matter if people don’t start displaying their true stance. It needs to be organic, the discussion on cannabis usage, support, and economic need. You don’t even need to enjoy marijuana to know the crimes are outrageous. I meet residents who qualify for their state’s medical cannabis program  but are afraid or ashamed to discuss it with friends and family.  Let’s remove the stigma. Let’s be proud we are gaining education and relief!

IF you take anything from reading this blog, pass it on. Do more research on what you find here. Discuss it with your loved ones. You may be introducing someone to cannabis that could really benefit from it, or needs help getting legal resources.

It’s ok to discuss how wasted we got at happy hour in the office, but it’s unprofessional to talk about the billions of revenue dollars created by the cannabis industry?


Let’s make it OK to talk to about weed. Grandma may not approve…or she may have a stash of Critical Kush in her jewelry box. You’ll never know. But even our beloved granny needs to know that she, too can benefit from being #CannaProud.

Say it loud, say it #cannaproud!!

“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point. –MY President, Barack Obama. 

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