#WCW-Andrea Drummer

High there lovely blogees, how’s it floatin?

I’m dancing while I type this because it is the BOMB day of the week, oh yes, Women in Cannabis Wednesday. This week I’m excited to feature Andrea Drummer, cannabis chef and industry pioneer. Let’s get to it!

You may have seen her on Viceland, Chelsea Handler, and in numerous cannabis publications. Chef and co-owner of Elevation VIP, Drummer has set a new standard in cannabis cuisine. Starting with an infused recipe she made for her friends, she started Elevation in 2012 and expanded the cannabis co-op into a an exclusive dispensary that specializes in infused food…and I’m not just talking brownies!

She’s the top demanded private chef for celebrities, social events, and art/fashion shows. With an education from Le Cordon Bleu, plus her own expertise, she isn’t making gummies and cookies for dispensaries. She discovers pleasant pairings of food and strains of cannabis, creating recipes that are elegant and delicious. Plus they leave you high. Quick video of her explaining her craft below, enjoy!


BADASS. And another example of how opening cannabis businesses is also advocacy. Exposing the wide world of herb in different platforms educates people on its benefits. Plus, another minority succeeding in the industry. It’s an uphill battle, but the journey can be so dope!

Andrea Drummer, I infused my chamomile tea with some Clementine Kush because that’s about the classiest thing I got at the moment. So, this cup’s raised to you!

Make sure to visit the Elevation website here: www.elevationvip.com


Sources: https://wwwelevationvip.com/product




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