#WCW-Chanda Macias

Hey hey hey blogees, a week feels like such a long time, doesn’t it? Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been too busy to blog, but definitely tired AF! Blame it on the weather, too much holiday food, or consuming indicas when I know I’m a sativa person. Regardless, I’m halfway through this kale smoothie and ready to introduce another illustrious feature for #WomenInCannabisWednesday!

Meet Chanda Macias, she’s a MMJ consultant and owner of the National Holistic Healing Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary (NHHC), located in Washington D.C. By the way, it’s the number ONE dispensary in D.C. Just had to throw that in there.

In 2001, before she ventured into cannabis, she was a cell biology specialist at Howard University, which is where she earned her P.H.D. in cell biology. Go HBCUs!! Oh, and the same year she graduated, she was also hired by Colgate-Palmolive as a research scientist. Uh, hello!!

In addition to her current position and academic contributions to minorities in cannabis, she is the Maryland/D.C. chapter leader of Women Grow, member of the advisory board for MMJ at Southern University in Louisiana, and she’s a mother!


What I enjoyed learning about Lady Macias is her perseverance to ESTABLISH minority presence in this industry. Research, research, research! She is more concerned with providing clients real knowledge and effectively enhancing their treatments with cannabis. He medical and scientific background provided a necessary foundation to her accomplishments.

Colleges and universities are starting to integrate cannabis education into their curriculums, some even offering degrees in the field.  Chanda blazed a trail for many minorities by continuing her education and dedicating her talents to the science and business of cannabis. It’s no question she faced opposition, bunk contracts, discrimination, inflated distributor prices, etc but she pressed forth. So it should be no surprise why she is this week’s Clear As Smoke #WCW.

Check out her site and if you’re in the D.C. area, make sure to pay the NHHC a visit!

Here’s a video of Chanda speaking to Women Grow Speak at a Women Grow event in Washington, D.C. The video is edited to begin with her, but feel free to watch in its entirety!


Learn more about Women Grow: Women Grow

Great articel from MJBIz Magazine website on Chanda: MJBiz Article

This post is dedicated to Wesdae.

#WCW-R.I.P. Dr. Sonya Kay Forbes

High and happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a day many of us will spend with family and friends, celebrating Thanksgiving or just enjoying good company.  Sadly, the cannabis family recently lost a very prominent member. So today, I wanted to feature a very special woman who was a doctor and pioneer in cannabis health research-Dr. Sonya Kay Forbes.

Dr. Forbes gained her fame as Miss Jamaica World in 1999 and studied at the University of West Indies. She used her education to research the effects of cannabis on bad eyesight and blindness. We’re not talking any beginner’s level stuff either. She observed Jamaican fisherman who were cannabis smokers and had excellent night vision. With that inspiration, she discovered that after applying a cannabinoid (fancy name for THC or CBD, remember?) to the eye tissues of tadpoles, some retinal cells became more sensitive to light while increasing the response time of the eye. CRAY!

In addition to her research, Forbes advocated for hospitals to seek out alternative medical procedures and treatments, including cannabis.  What may have attracted opposing attention was her push for medical centers to move away from big pharmaceutical companies and offer cheaper, natural medications to patients.

On September 13, 2017, Dr. Sonya Kay Forbes was dead of a stab wound in her Jamaica home. She was only 40 years old, and was the mother of a young son.

I’ll exclude my personal opinions on her sudden and tragic death, especially as authorities named it a suicide. As I type this, her case is being investigated as a possible suicide but it is obvious this phenomenal woman’s life ended at the hands of someone else. What isn’t in question is how much she accomplished in such a short amount of time, and a legacy that must be continued.

May her life, sacrifice, and contribution to the cannabis industry never go unappreciated! Thank you, Dr. Sonya Kay Forbes…and rest in peace.


First Cannabis Overdose Ever? Nah.

Trigger Warning:  The following post discusses a current crime case regarding the death of a child.


High and Hello beautiful blogees,

If you keep up with cannabis news, or any news, you may have heard about the 11-month old who passed away from cannabis consumption in Colorado. A very tragic story, indeed, but not a true one.

The history of negative cannabis propaganda dates as far back as 1930s. If you recall my blog about the history of cannabis in America (Here ya go: On#TBT-When Marijuana Was American Medicine), Harry Anslinger (commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics) kicked off the propaganda train with anti-cannabis campaigns including movies. Anti-cannabis writers and directors were probably making more money than dealers or cultivators. One of the more popular films, “Reefer Madness,” uses vivid images and scenes of murder and insanity based on teen usage of cannabis. Other movies released later would depict cannabis as the devil’s drug, the “whacko tobacco” that makes people suicidal, or the herb that gives immigrants and Black people super strength to rape and murder white families.




Oh, it got ratchet.

Fortunately the public got wiser and cannabis education was able to debunk many of the myths portrayed in these films. Unfortunately, the stigma still heavily remains. This current media faux pas is no different and is a driving force behind the struggle to legalize cannabis and DECRIMINALIZE cannabis. And for people of color, the need is stronger now than ever.

Everyone from doctors and scientists to journalists and reporters to supply the public with truthful information. Of course this doesn’t always occur, leaving us to do more research.  Media outlets have been scrambling to put it on record that there indeed was NOT a cannabis fatality and to this day, never was.

This is a very tragic, depressing story. Using the passing of a baby as a platform to identify “fake news.”  The details of the case were later disclosed; the conditions of the victim’s environment and physical state were concluded to be the cause of death.

Please continue educating yourselves and never be afraid to question the headlines. Although we have technology on our side, the positive public image of cannabis is the most effective tool in preventing careless, disheartening stories like this.


Here’s some links for more insight:






“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” –Harry J. Anslinger

It’s Time To Pass A Drug Test!

High blogees!

You just applied for a job and you are called back for the interview. Congratulations! Until you are told to come in for a drug test… now what?

Look, many of us have been there. So I hope that the following pointers will help you out but please understand THESE ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK. I have found success and some methods and failure and others.

On average, the residual agent in cannabis that can be detected in a drug test can stay in the body anywhere from 45 days to six months after ending consumption. Determining factors include height, weight, amount of cannabis consumption and diet.

The following are MY effective methods of passing the test. MINE. Your factors may vary and need to be considered if you are going to attempt passing a drug test.

YOU NEED AT LEAST 24 HOURS TO FLUSH YOUR SYSTEM FOR A DRUG TEST. Sorry, drowning yourself in flushes and pills the day of wont work.


CRANBERRY JUICE NEVER WORKED. Even the 100%, $7/bottle kind.

NEITHER DID NIACIN, GOLDENSEAL, OR VINEGAR. You’re doing more damage than good because these items are meant for dosed consumption for GRADUAL cleansing. Most people take too much in an effort to cleanse fast. Drink lemon water and urinate. Often.

WORK OUT.  Move that booty! The more you sweat the faster your systems cleanses the agent that drug tests detects.

NO FATS, SWEETS, LIQUOR, OR CARBS. I know, starting to sound like a diet right? Well it helps the cleansing process.  But that’s a big duh, right?

DON’T BE A SQUARE. No cigarettes. If you are a smoker I know I’m killing you right now but trust me. I used to smoke Black and Milds and I noticed how much faster I would be able to cleanse my system when I put down the tobacco.

IF YOUR TEST IS WITHIN 24 HOURS: I would suggest a detox system. Do some homework. Check reviews of products on Google or Amazon. Ask around. Visit GNC or health food stores and don’t be shy. Like I said there is no guarantee but the effort is worth it if you are able to pass the test. Some products include pills that’s keep you clean for a few hours after digesting. I tried a system that had pills and juice. Didn’t work and I spent a cool $50. But I have heard positive reviews also

EAT GREEN. Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, whatever. You can chomp a lot of it without getting full and it’s key to getting you cleansed. Some people recommend okra (yuck) and/or asparagus (now we’re talking) but just make sure to get it in.

IF THE TEST IS A MOUTH SWAB: Follow the above instructions. Brush 3x a day and use a good mouthwash. Coffee is actually recommended, just gotta keep it like me: strong and BLACK. No cream or sugar y’all!

IF THE TEST IS A HAIR SAMPLE: Pardon my language, but ooooh shit this won’t be easy. Marijuana stays in hair follicles for many months up to a few years. You may have to purchase a special shampoo (called detox shampoos) and they are expensive, very damaging and sometimes do not work. DIY methods include everything from washing with clothing detergent to actual bleach. I’ve never had to give a follicle sample so I don’t have any advice from a personal perspective.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY MAY BE THE MOST RISKY WAY: A friend in need is a friend who has consumed weed. As awkward as it may be, being able to get a few ounces of urine from a friend or relative that does not consume cannabis is one of the easiest ways to ensure you will pass a drug test, if it is urine.  And uh, you may want to drug test the friend or their urine, just in case lol. Purchase a couple of hand warmers for about 4 bucks from drug store or hardware center, and it will keep the urine at the proper temperature 4 at least 5 to 6 hours. Get a vial that you can uh…conceal…and make sure to keep the hand warmer in contact as long up until it’s time to drop as possible. If you’re required to urinate in front of someone, my advice ended at the previous sentence.


Alrighty then! I have parted with all the information I can. There’s only one way of passing a drug test 100%…not using cannabis at all. Just about all major retailers carry an at home marijuana detection test, but even those may be testing for agents different than the ones tested in the actual test you’ll be taking. So, don’t be nervous, but don’t get too relaxed either. The job may require having random drug tests throughout your job, so you may need to consider stopping usage altogether. *sniff*

I want you to get this job, but I also want you to be safe. If you do not have control over your cannabis usage, be careful about the jobs you accept. Make sure you are physically and mentally able to perform. because if you think THIS drug test is nerve wrecking, imagine the one you will have to take on the spot if you get into an accident while on the job! Oh yea, I’ve been there before.

Leave your experiences! Are you preparing to take a test? Passed/failed one before? Good luck!!

OH, check this article on other items that can negatively affect your drug test, especially it it’s testing for more than weed. Toodles!


A drug test is the only test you fail because you’ve studied too much.”–Unknown.

#WCW-Kiana Hughes (Audio)

High blogees!

It’s such a beautiful day to get to know another woman in cannabis isn’t it? Well let’s get right to it! This week for Women in Cannabis Wednesday, Kiana Hughes joins Clear As Smoke as our powerful feature.  She’s the host of The DOPE Show and educator. Click below (and pardon the audio interference, working out the kinks of some new recording software ) to learn more about her!

Part 1:

Part 2:


headshot w_ivy SEPT17


After being a co- chair for the Chicago Women Grow chapter, Kiana Hughes knew she wanted to educate others on the cannabis plant and industry. She co-founded Two DOPE Chicks, an organization that presents educational events about cannabis throughout the greater Chicago area. DOPE stands for Developing Opportunities for Personal Empowerment. This theme is carried throughout The DOPE Show, a weekly podcast to educate people about cannabis, inform about how to earn money in the legal markets, and introduce entrepreneurs, activists, patients, and caregivers in the cannabis community. Kiana is the founder and CEO of Elevated Education, LLC an educational consulting firm dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of the cannabis plant. She is also a founder and advisory board member of Chicago NORML. In 2017, Kiana was awarded the Alice Huffman African American Scholarship to study cannabis at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Augustana College and a Master’s degree in Communications and Training. She is an Instructional Design Consultant and a community college professor who currently lives in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Let’s support Kiana! Operation: Oaksterdam or Bust Go Fund Me


IL Medical Cannabis Workshop Richton Park Community Center–Richton Park, IL

November 28, 2017


RSVP at:



And check out The DOPE Show!


My life has prepared me for this calling: to use my education, talents, and experiences to advance cannabis education and advocacy.” –Kiana Hughes


#WCW-Naajidaah Jones (Interview)

Hay hay hay, it’s my favorite day! Women in Cannabis Wednesday is in full effect! Spend a lunch break with me and this week’s #WCW, Naajidaah Jones. She’s the Director of Outreach at The Herbal Care center in Chicago, IL.  I met Naajidaah during a business meeting with Hunter Sutterfield, the general manager.  We had a very informative, organic conversation and I couldn’t wait to connect with her again to introduce her to you!

Take a lunchbreak and listen to this inspiring interview with Naajidaah!

You can find Naajidaah and all of this great info at The Herbal Care Center at 1301 S. Western, Chicago, IL. Here’s the website: THC Center

I am a product of HBCU love and a native to Chicago, IL so much that I rock both the Cubs and Sox gear lol. I am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University where I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Community Health. Advocacy, education, and fighting are innate in me and the fight of justice runs through my blood. It is no secret that I seek to teach everywhere I go to everyone and anyone who will listen to me talk about cannabis and leave me with knowledge as well. I am eager for more tutelage and guidance and even more motivated to teach.  I’m always ready to discuss all things Mary Jane.” –Naajidah Jones


No Strain, What A Pain!

High and Happy Tuesday!!

It’s a beautiful, sunny, chilly day in Chicago. I’m rolling up some Granddaddy Glue which is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its mothers are Granddaddy Purp and Gorilla Glue. Am I speaking a foreign language to you? Hold tight, it gets easier.

I use the term strains often, and some of you may have already guessed what it means.

Wikipedia defines a strain as a designated group of offspring that are either descended from a modified plant (produced by conventional breeding or by biotechnological means), or which result from genetic mutation. Uh…ok cool. In cannabis you have one of three major strains, which my readers know very well by now. Indica, sativa, or hybrid make up the most common strains in cannabis. Many people say that all cannabis is hybrid, due to the mixing and matching of different parent strains. Regardless, knowing what type of strain is very important to consuming cannabis safely and effectively. You want to get the best experience, so I am always going to stress knowing your strains. But don’t stress or strain LOL

Today it’s time to talk strains. Not the one in your neck, or not the ones your boss lies on you LOL but WHAT makes a strain a strain.

I was a cannabis user long before I was aware of what a strain was, or the type I was consuming. It wasn’t until college where I was able to experience identified strains, and what they do. See kids? Go to college lol.

White Widow was the first strain I smoked that had a name lol. And I swear, knowing what it was and how it was going to affect me made such a difference in the end feeling. I even went to class that day!

Bubba Kush, Green Crack, Super Silver Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Hindu Kush, Blueberry Headband, Lemon Skunk, Cookies and Cream, Trainwreck, Hash Plant, AK 47, Obama Kush (yup), Jesus OG (amen), Flo…trust me I could go on…and that’s because there’s over 1000 strains. A really cool LA Times article claims 779 strains have been identified (Click  Here) but I searched over 20 strains I’ve consumed that isn’t in that article, or online at all. No I don’t have some secret strain connect and if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyway. But the truth is strains are created everyday by major cultivators or at home growers doing their own thing. And just like alcohol, the more variety, the more fun! Now what I’ve found is knowing the differences between certain types of strains, regardless of sativa, hybrid, or indica helps you ENJOY cannabis safely.

Haze-Your grandparents who attended Woodstock may remember Columbian gold. Haze strains also originated in California in the 1970s but gained popularity in Holland. Sativa lovers may like haze strains the most, as they are light on the body and heavy on the head high.

Skunk-Skunk strains date back to the 1970s, grown originally in California. These are mostly cerebral high strains that have a strong odor and strong psychedelic effects.

Kush-From what I know, kush originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, but are still a combination of different plants found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and surrounding areas. Because kush is technically a combination of different indicas, know that any kush is a couch, body-stoned like high. Some types relieve pain, put you to sleep, or relax you like a nice bubble bath lol

OG-As an 80s baby I have to show love to this 90s strain. Many argue if it’s an indica or sativa but everyone agrees it’s super potent, smells delicious, and smokes like a dream. Way too many theories on where it originated, from a single seed in the Cali mountains to a kush enthusiast who developed the strain from years of fertilization development. You’re bored already. Moving on.

Diesel-The muscle! Many people like diesel strains because on average, they start out at 20% THC. Most diesels give an indica effect but you can absolutely find sativas, like Sour Diesel (one of my classic favorites).

What’s my fav? The ones that get me high, but not stoned out of my mind, where-am-I-and-what-am-I-doing-here high, relaxed, enlightened, and chill. That’s alot to request of a plant, eh? Well with cannabis, the more demand the better!

Enjoy your Tuesday and make sure to come back tomorrow for my fav day, Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

“I have no idea what’s wrong with you. But I do know there’s probably a strain for it.”          –Me.




Working Out On Weed (Video)

High and Happy Sunday! It’s rainy and chilly but refreshing here in Chicago and I am toking a little Blue Dream. It’s a hybrid that relaxes but stimulates, and I prefer this strain when I’m about to do some yoga. Correction: ATTEMPT to do yoga lol. My clumsiness and these poses are not a pretty combination but it keeps me centered and in shape.

Stereotypically, yoga is about the only exercise stoners get. You know, hippies sitting crossed legged after a few bong hits and meditating about Cheech and Chong movies…THOSE stereotypes. Now even though I most certainly have done just that, it isn’t the ONLY thing I do.

When pizza isn’t within 20 feet of my reach, I maintain a pretty healthy diet and try to workout at least 3-4 times a week. Is it easy? Not always, and just like people who don’t consume cannabis, staying healthy is an everyday challenge. But for both, it’s important.

MANY medical cannabis patients and cannabis consumers are very health conscious. From multiple discussions, non-users tend to think that people who consume are lazy, and therefore out of shape. Let’s kill the myth: Being healthy is necessary for EVERYONE.

Some professional athletes have spoken publicly on the health benefits of cannabis incorporation for their pain relief and energy. THC and CBD infused energy drinks and powders are becoming more popular with people who are active and may not want to consume cannabis through smoking, vaping, or edibles.  Others find working out while high helps them focus, or makes the workout more pleasant.

My advice? Know your body first. We all should be staying active as much as possible. If you don’t already have a workout plan, make your own with friends recommendations, YouTube accounts, and fitness websites. Stay hydrated, eat produce and be honest with your doctor about your cannabis use. SOME people have no problem SMOKING before a workout…I find a few tincture drops before a workout because I get don’t get tired as quickly.

Take 5-10 minutes every morning to just stretch and do some deep breathing. Drink some water and center your mind on absolutely nothing for about 30 seconds. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference.

Cannabis absolutely relaxes you, but the benefits of proper consumption can contribute to a very healthy lifestyle. Remember, us cannabis advocates wants to live better lives, that’s the whole point of legalizing cannabis. Taking care of ourselves physically is no different, and it’s time we kill the typical “lazy stoner” image.

Here’s a great article on Leafly.com about the benefits of cannabis and working out: Leafly.com

Here’s a pot-friendly gym in San Francisco that actually encourages smoking during, before, and after your iron pumping. You know I’m with it! While you watch I’m going to work on this lotus cross or whatever the name of this pose I’m about to ruin.



So I hope whatever anti-fitness perceptions you had about cannabis  are all smoke. Inhale…exhale.

For more information on safe ways to incorporate cannabis, check out these links!

(Photo credit: http://buyweedonline.ca/smoking-weed-working/#.Wf9Y29NSzIU)




#WCW-Whoopi Goldberg


High and Happy Hump Day blogees!
I’m working on a new nickname for you all, something more pot related lol. Give my brain time.

Today I am soooo excited to reintroduce you to another phenomenal woman in cannabis. Oh yes, it’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday and this week is all about Whoopi! Goldberg, if you’ve been living under a rock.

This Hollywood elite and African American entertainment pioneer has a resume that can’t be matched! Aside from being a co-host on The View, she’s a comedic legend and one of the few actors (man or woman) with a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony.  She is also an advocate for civil rights, gun rights, and medical cannabis. I was elated to find out her line of products were targeted at women and specialized in relief for menstrual cramps and pain.

She and Maya Elisabeth launched Whoopi and Maya, a line of cannabis products that includes bath soaks, edibles, drink mixes, rubs, and tinctures (I still love saying tinctures lol).

Check out this great interview on The Late Show, where Whoopi discusses her cannabis line, NOT getting high, and her book!


Whoopi has always been an idol of mine; speaking her mind and standing firm in her beliefs. Celebrities that are willing to risk their image to promote cannabis as medicine are necessary in the legalization process!

Since she’s not a smoker, let’s use today’s #WCW to register to become a patient, or caretaker for someone else in honor of Whoopi Goldberg.

I was going to post this on Halloween but I figured today would be more fitting lol. You all think I nailed this costume??