#WCW-Whoopi Goldberg


High and Happy Hump Day blogees!
I’m working on a new nickname for you all, something more pot related lol. Give my brain time.

Today I am soooo excited to reintroduce you to another phenomenal woman in cannabis. Oh yes, it’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday and this week is all about Whoopi! Goldberg, if you’ve been living under a rock.

This Hollywood elite and African American entertainment pioneer has a resume that can’t be matched! Aside from being a co-host on The View, she’s a comedic legend and one of the few actors (man or woman) with a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony.  She is also an advocate for civil rights, gun rights, and medical cannabis. I was elated to find out her line of products were targeted at women and specialized in relief for menstrual cramps and pain.

She and Maya Elisabeth launched Whoopi and Maya, a line of cannabis products that includes bath soaks, edibles, drink mixes, rubs, and tinctures (I still love saying tinctures lol).

Check out this great interview on The Late Show, where Whoopi discusses her cannabis line, NOT getting high, and her book!


Whoopi has always been an idol of mine; speaking her mind and standing firm in her beliefs. Celebrities that are willing to risk their image to promote cannabis as medicine are necessary in the legalization process!

Since she’s not a smoker, let’s use today’s #WCW to register to become a patient, or caretaker for someone else in honor of Whoopi Goldberg.

I was going to post this on Halloween but I figured today would be more fitting lol. You all think I nailed this costume??


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