Working Out On Weed (Video)

High and Happy Sunday! It’s rainy and chilly but refreshing here in Chicago and I am toking a little Blue Dream. It’s a hybrid that relaxes but stimulates, and I prefer this strain when I’m about to do some yoga. Correction: ATTEMPT to do yoga lol. My clumsiness and these poses are not a pretty combination but it keeps me centered and in shape.

Stereotypically, yoga is about the only exercise stoners get. You know, hippies sitting crossed legged after a few bong hits and meditating about Cheech and Chong movies…THOSE stereotypes. Now even though I most certainly have done just that, it isn’t the ONLY thing I do.

When pizza isn’t within 20 feet of my reach, I maintain a pretty healthy diet and try to workout at least 3-4 times a week. Is it easy? Not always, and just like people who don’t consume cannabis, staying healthy is an everyday challenge. But for both, it’s important.

MANY medical cannabis patients and cannabis consumers are very health conscious. From multiple discussions, non-users tend to think that people who consume are lazy, and therefore out of shape. Let’s kill the myth: Being healthy is necessary for EVERYONE.

Some professional athletes have spoken publicly on the health benefits of cannabis incorporation for their pain relief and energy. THC and CBD infused energy drinks and powders are becoming more popular with people who are active and may not want to consume cannabis through smoking, vaping, or edibles.  Others find working out while high helps them focus, or makes the workout more pleasant.

My advice? Know your body first. We all should be staying active as much as possible. If you don’t already have a workout plan, make your own with friends recommendations, YouTube accounts, and fitness websites. Stay hydrated, eat produce and be honest with your doctor about your cannabis use. SOME people have no problem SMOKING before a workout…I find a few tincture drops before a workout because I get don’t get tired as quickly.

Take 5-10 minutes every morning to just stretch and do some deep breathing. Drink some water and center your mind on absolutely nothing for about 30 seconds. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference.

Cannabis absolutely relaxes you, but the benefits of proper consumption can contribute to a very healthy lifestyle. Remember, us cannabis advocates wants to live better lives, that’s the whole point of legalizing cannabis. Taking care of ourselves physically is no different, and it’s time we kill the typical “lazy stoner” image.

Here’s a great article on about the benefits of cannabis and working out:

Here’s a pot-friendly gym in San Francisco that actually encourages smoking during, before, and after your iron pumping. You know I’m with it! While you watch I’m going to work on this lotus cross or whatever the name of this pose I’m about to ruin.



So I hope whatever anti-fitness perceptions you had about cannabis  are all smoke. Inhale…exhale.

For more information on safe ways to incorporate cannabis, check out these links!

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