No Strain, What A Pain!

High and Happy Tuesday!!

It’s a beautiful, sunny, chilly day in Chicago. I’m rolling up some Granddaddy Glue which is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its mothers are Granddaddy Purp and Gorilla Glue. Am I speaking a foreign language to you? Hold tight, it gets easier.

I use the term strains often, and some of you may have already guessed what it means.

Wikipedia defines a strain as a designated group of offspring that are either descended from a modified plant (produced by conventional breeding or by biotechnological means), or which result from genetic mutation. Uh…ok cool. In cannabis you have one of three major strains, which my readers know very well by now. Indica, sativa, or hybrid make up the most common strains in cannabis. Many people say that all cannabis is hybrid, due to the mixing and matching of different parent strains. Regardless, knowing what type of strain is very important to consuming cannabis safely and effectively. You want to get the best experience, so I am always going to stress knowing your strains. But don’t stress or strain LOL

Today it’s time to talk strains. Not the one in your neck, or not the ones your boss lies on you LOL but WHAT makes a strain a strain.

I was a cannabis user long before I was aware of what a strain was, or the type I was consuming. It wasn’t until college where I was able to experience identified strains, and what they do. See kids? Go to college lol.

White Widow was the first strain I smoked that had a name lol. And I swear, knowing what it was and how it was going to affect me made such a difference in the end feeling. I even went to class that day!

Bubba Kush, Green Crack, Super Silver Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Hindu Kush, Blueberry Headband, Lemon Skunk, Cookies and Cream, Trainwreck, Hash Plant, AK 47, Obama Kush (yup), Jesus OG (amen), Flo…trust me I could go on…and that’s because there’s over 1000 strains. A really cool LA Times article claims 779 strains have been identified (Click  Here) but I searched over 20 strains I’ve consumed that isn’t in that article, or online at all. No I don’t have some secret strain connect and if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyway. But the truth is strains are created everyday by major cultivators or at home growers doing their own thing. And just like alcohol, the more variety, the more fun! Now what I’ve found is knowing the differences between certain types of strains, regardless of sativa, hybrid, or indica helps you ENJOY cannabis safely.

Haze-Your grandparents who attended Woodstock may remember Columbian gold. Haze strains also originated in California in the 1970s but gained popularity in Holland. Sativa lovers may like haze strains the most, as they are light on the body and heavy on the head high.

Skunk-Skunk strains date back to the 1970s, grown originally in California. These are mostly cerebral high strains that have a strong odor and strong psychedelic effects.

Kush-From what I know, kush originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range, but are still a combination of different plants found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and surrounding areas. Because kush is technically a combination of different indicas, know that any kush is a couch, body-stoned like high. Some types relieve pain, put you to sleep, or relax you like a nice bubble bath lol

OG-As an 80s baby I have to show love to this 90s strain. Many argue if it’s an indica or sativa but everyone agrees it’s super potent, smells delicious, and smokes like a dream. Way too many theories on where it originated, from a single seed in the Cali mountains to a kush enthusiast who developed the strain from years of fertilization development. You’re bored already. Moving on.

Diesel-The muscle! Many people like diesel strains because on average, they start out at 20% THC. Most diesels give an indica effect but you can absolutely find sativas, like Sour Diesel (one of my classic favorites).

What’s my fav? The ones that get me high, but not stoned out of my mind, where-am-I-and-what-am-I-doing-here high, relaxed, enlightened, and chill. That’s alot to request of a plant, eh? Well with cannabis, the more demand the better!

Enjoy your Tuesday and make sure to come back tomorrow for my fav day, Women in Cannabis Wednesday!

“I have no idea what’s wrong with you. But I do know there’s probably a strain for it.”          –Me.




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