#WCW-Naajidaah Jones (Interview)

Hay hay hay, it’s my favorite day! Women in Cannabis Wednesday is in full effect! Spend a lunch break with me and this week’s #WCW, Naajidaah Jones. She’s the Director of Outreach at The Herbal Care center in Chicago, IL.  I met Naajidaah during a business meeting with Hunter Sutterfield, the general manager.  We had a very informative, organic conversation and I couldn’t wait to connect with her again to introduce her to you!

Take a lunchbreak and listen to this inspiring interview with Naajidaah!

You can find Naajidaah and all of this great info at The Herbal Care Center at 1301 S. Western, Chicago, IL. Here’s the website: THC Center

I am a product of HBCU love and a native to Chicago, IL so much that I rock both the Cubs and Sox gear lol. I am a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University where I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Community Health. Advocacy, education, and fighting are innate in me and the fight of justice runs through my blood. It is no secret that I seek to teach everywhere I go to everyone and anyone who will listen to me talk about cannabis and leave me with knowledge as well. I am eager for more tutelage and guidance and even more motivated to teach.  I’m always ready to discuss all things Mary Jane.” –Naajidah Jones


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