#WCW-Kiana Hughes (Audio)

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It’s such a beautiful day to get to know another woman in cannabis isn’t it? Well let’s get right to it! This week for Women in Cannabis Wednesday, Kiana Hughes joins Clear As Smoke as our powerful feature.  She’s the host of The DOPE Show and educator. Click below (and pardon the audio interference, working out the kinks of some new recording software ) to learn more about her!

Part 1:

Part 2:


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After being a co- chair for the Chicago Women Grow chapter, Kiana Hughes knew she wanted to educate others on the cannabis plant and industry. She co-founded Two DOPE Chicks, an organization that presents educational events about cannabis throughout the greater Chicago area. DOPE stands for Developing Opportunities for Personal Empowerment. This theme is carried throughout The DOPE Show, a weekly podcast to educate people about cannabis, inform about how to earn money in the legal markets, and introduce entrepreneurs, activists, patients, and caregivers in the cannabis community. Kiana is the founder and CEO of Elevated Education, LLC an educational consulting firm dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of the cannabis plant. She is also a founder and advisory board member of Chicago NORML. In 2017, Kiana was awarded the Alice Huffman African American Scholarship to study cannabis at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Augustana College and a Master’s degree in Communications and Training. She is an Instructional Design Consultant and a community college professor who currently lives in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Let’s support Kiana! Operation: Oaksterdam or Bust Go Fund Me


IL Medical Cannabis Workshop Richton Park Community Center–Richton Park, IL

November 28, 2017


RSVP at:



And check out The DOPE Show!


My life has prepared me for this calling: to use my education, talents, and experiences to advance cannabis education and advocacy.” –Kiana Hughes


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