First Cannabis Overdose Ever? Nah.

Trigger Warning:  The following post discusses a current crime case regarding the death of a child.


High and Hello beautiful blogees,

If you keep up with cannabis news, or any news, you may have heard about the 11-month old who passed away from cannabis consumption in Colorado. A very tragic story, indeed, but not a true one.

The history of negative cannabis propaganda dates as far back as 1930s. If you recall my blog about the history of cannabis in America (Here ya go: On#TBT-When Marijuana Was American Medicine), Harry Anslinger (commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics) kicked off the propaganda train with anti-cannabis campaigns including movies. Anti-cannabis writers and directors were probably making more money than dealers or cultivators. One of the more popular films, “Reefer Madness,” uses vivid images and scenes of murder and insanity based on teen usage of cannabis. Other movies released later would depict cannabis as the devil’s drug, the “whacko tobacco” that makes people suicidal, or the herb that gives immigrants and Black people super strength to rape and murder white families.




Oh, it got ratchet.

Fortunately the public got wiser and cannabis education was able to debunk many of the myths portrayed in these films. Unfortunately, the stigma still heavily remains. This current media faux pas is no different and is a driving force behind the struggle to legalize cannabis and DECRIMINALIZE cannabis. And for people of color, the need is stronger now than ever.

Everyone from doctors and scientists to journalists and reporters to supply the public with truthful information. Of course this doesn’t always occur, leaving us to do more research.  Media outlets have been scrambling to put it on record that there indeed was NOT a cannabis fatality and to this day, never was.

This is a very tragic, depressing story. Using the passing of a baby as a platform to identify “fake news.”  The details of the case were later disclosed; the conditions of the victim’s environment and physical state were concluded to be the cause of death.

Please continue educating yourselves and never be afraid to question the headlines. Although we have technology on our side, the positive public image of cannabis is the most effective tool in preventing careless, disheartening stories like this.


Here’s some links for more insight:


“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” –Harry J. Anslinger

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