Legalization is Bleak with a Governor That’s Weak

“I do not support legalizing marijuana. I think that’s a mistake. You know there’s a massive, human experiment going on in Colorado, and California, other places. We should see how that’s impacted lives and addiction and hurt young people before we make any decision about it here…I do not support legalizing marijuana.”                                                     –Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner


Pardon my language, but


It’s like the man kinda loves us, kinda loves us not lol. Stop toying with our emotions Bruce!!

Bruce Rauner decided to get all up in his feelings about ending cannabis prohibition in an interview for WSIL-TV in Marion. The governor has been saying that he wants to see data of the demographic ramifications of cannabis use from states that are legal.  Although he has never given the full thumbs up on legalization, he has mentioned at least considering a bill if presented with one. Now he’s not looking so flexible, and that is going to present a huge problem for us patients and advocates.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times article, Senator Daniel Bliss and J.B. Pritzker support legalization, and if either wins the gubernatorial election (fancy word for the senate election) then there’s a very good chance Illinois will get legalized recreationally.

Rauner may not support total legalization, but he approved decriminalization and established the current medical marijuana pilot program. So hey, whether or not his support is needed, he is a shining example of why the fight never ends.

Voting is necessary for change, and Illinois is one of only 14 states where there is no limit for a senatorial term. If we don’t get Rauner out of office, we may be fighting an already uphill battle for longer than we thought.

Start writing letters now! Start telling your family and friends now! Get the stick out of Rauner’s butt! Oh, and don’t forget November 6, 2018. That’s when we go vote for a new, cannabis supporting governor!


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