#WCW-Hope Wiseman

Hay hay hay blogees!

You already know what today is. You already know I’m hyped. You already know I’m twerking while I type this. Oh you don’t know? Let me remind you…

It’s Women in Cannabis Wednesday, and like every other week I’ve got a good one for you!

Meet Hope Wiseman, the YOUNGEST BLACK WOMAN DISPENSARY OWNER IN THE COUNTRY!  Listen, this woman is only 25 and opened one of the first dispensaries in Prince Georg’s county, MD. Tuh, when I was 25 I was finishing up probation for my minor cannabis arrest and disappointing my parents. See how far we’ve come lol?

You’re going to hear about Ms. Wiseman soon, cannabis or not. She’s a cast member on the upcoming E! reality series, Wags Atlanta.  So let’s make sure you know about her before labeling her as JUST a reality star.

The Spelman grad has an extensive background in investment banking, and saw how the war on drugs effected her community (like many people of color). She left her position as a sales analyst for SunTrust bank to focus more on her cannabiz goals. She co-founded Compassionate Herbal Alternative with her business partners, Dr. Octavia Simkins-Wiseman (her mommy!) and Dr. Larry Bryant.  A cannabiz with your mom? HA! My mom is just now learning why everyone seems to love empty cigars lol I love still love her.

Anywhoo, Wiseman and her partners will be having a soft opening of their new dispensary, Mary and Main, later THIS month! I’ve got to get some friends in Maryland, a trip is so necessary! Until then, I’m so excited to see more awesome women doing phenomenal things in the cannabis industry. A fitting name for a true #WCW, thank you Hope!!


More links about Lady Wiseman:

Mary and Main

HBCU Digest

Compassionate Herbal Alternative



“It’s extremely crucial that we as millennials take serious the role that cannabis has in potentially bettering America’s economy. We will be the ones maintaining and improving the world we live in and using my platform to raise awareness among my peers and community is exactly what I plan to do.” –Hope Wiseman


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