#WCW-Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA


Highdey Ho!!

I hope you all are having an awesome holiday season. I have been doing absolutely nothing! But I could not let 2017 end without gracing your screens with another great feature for #WomenInCannabisWednesday! Excited is an understatement for how I’m feeling about this #WCW!

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA is the co-founder, cannabis physician, and specialist for The American Cannabinoids Clinics, located in Oregon. According to minoritycannabis.org (GREAT website, by the way), she counsels over 500 patients throughout the pacific northwest region and California.


Dr. Knox received her Bachelor’s from Duke University and her Master’s in medicine and business from Tufts University in 2012. To name all her positions would take another blog, but I must include co-founder of the family practice, Doctors Knox, that focuses on wellness. According to LinkedIn, the wellness company has a mission to educate, inspire and motivate patients, family and friends to become the experts and directors of their own health. Now how dope is that??

Check out this YouTube from Dr. Knox covering the treatment of cancer with cannabis!


Dr. Knox is dedicated to presenting her community with health alternatives to better people’s state of mind, body, and soul. Through her advocacy and contributions, she is helping to bridge the gap between minorities and cannabis education and resources.

Speaking of advocacy, I learned about Dr. Knox from the Minority Cannabis Business Association, of which she is a board member. Additionally, she is Commissioner and Vice Chair of the Oregon Cannabis Commission!

Dr. Rachel Knox, thank you! Let’s all honor her by supporting our local and state cannabis associations, the MCBA, advocacy groups, and minority cannabis businesses. Start with education, end with action!


Cannabis or marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries. It has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions.” –American Nurses Association


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