Illinois Adds Intractable Pain To Qualifying Conditions!

Not to overshadow the awesomeness of Women in Cannabis Wednesday…BECAUSE IT IS WOMEN IN CANNABIS WEDNESDAY, but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to blog this.

So, this guy —-> nirav, Nirav Shah, is the director of the Illinois State Dept. of Health. He’s also THAT GUY, because he rejected intractable pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment not once, but twice. Yea, that guy.

Luckily, this guy —->Β 243996, Raymond Mitchell, is a Cook County Judge who thinks that’s bullshit. After reviewing medical journals with over 40 clinical studies, he concluded that intractable pain was effectively and safely treated with cannabis.

The real credit should go to Ann Mednick, an Illinois resident and sufferer of intractable pain caused by osteoarthritis. She filed a lawsuit in order to legally use cannabis to replace her opioid usage because she desired less side effects.Β  Thanks Ann!

There are a few conditions on the list of qualifying conditions that result in chronic pain, but intractable pain is defined as debilitating, usually with no cure. Whether or not that is the reason for rejection, Judge Mitchell’s decision will be appealed, according to a spokesperson for the department.

The fight continues.



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