#WCW-Andrea Unsworth

High and Happy Wednesday Blogees!!

In an industry that is still fresh, growing, and not totally legal, outreach is key.  Finding unique ways to draw new clients is an ever-present and exciting aspect of starting a business in the cannabis industry. It also creates opportunities for multiples businesses and organizations, and today’s #WCW is a shining example.

Andrea Unsworth is the founder of StashTwist, a non-profit delivery service dedicated to providing safe access to cannabis throughout the East Bay Area in California. If she looks familiar, either you keep up with your lady cannabis queens or you recall her from the #WCW post about Supernova Women. She’s the co-founder!


This woman is all about the business of fair employment. Like myself, she believes that the best potential employees for the cannabis industry are ironically those currently imprisoned for cannabis crimes.

“I want people who are felons working for me. Funds specifically need to be appropriated to helping folks that have been convicted, not just for reparations, but to help them write a business plan.”

Her efforts give new meaning to the term “giving back to the community.”  The community IS her business, so advocacy goes hand in hand in hand with her outreach. She hired her own father so he could quit his job as a night security guard. And that’s what it’s all about, creating businesses to help EVERYONE succeed. Now how dope is that??

The Oakland native was featured on “The Profit” hosted by Marcus Lemonis. Yea, MSNBC even knows how big of an impact cannabis businesses are making. Check her out!


Because I prefer to roll my own, this JOINT is dedicated to you, Andrea Unsworth! Queen, your work is making necessary strides, and we thank you!!


“The dopest part of my job is my community.” –Andrea Unsworth


More links:

Stashtwist Website

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