Your Family is Anti-Cannabis…You’ve Survived Worse.

Let’s just agree to disagree. I HATE that phrase. Never quite understood it lol but took it as common practice to ending a disagreement or debate.  And when it comes to cannabis, sometimes you have to take that same approach.

Being a cannabis consumer since my teens has led to some pretty creative reasons for bloodshot eyes, relaxed motion, or giggly demeanor. Most of the time, “I’m really sick,” or “Just really, REALLY sleepy” is about as effective as saying “I just took 10 hits of a really large bong and everything looks like a coloring book.” Everyone has their reasons for concealing their consumption or state of high, but if you use cannabis as medicine or to improve your way of life then it’s about time to stop hiding.

My mother was the first person I was truly honest with. She saw it as just a teen thing then until I started dealing and having legal, um, issues lol. It took a long time to reverse her negative perception of MY use of cannabis, and it was only a few years ago that I maturely let her know the real deal. It’s my lifestyle, my medicine, and my passion…and it’s fun as hell! Now, I’m at Thanksgiving trying to convince my grandmother that maybe a few hits of Pineapple Express could replace her arthritis meds. I’m educating my cousins on the conditions to obtain a card. I’m texting my dad reminding him to eat before snacking on the indica brownies I gave him for Kwanzaa.

I’m sure they all have their opinions. But I accepted the fact I may be seen as the family “pothead” because sticks and stones…you know the rest haha. I don’t think everyone needs to be out about their usage, to each its own. But if the only reason you are keeping your usage from your family is simply their judgment, it may be an opportunity to educate them with your knowledge and experience. You could be helping someone you love!

We’re all adults. So don’t go around trying to convince people to get high who have never had any interest before. That’s evasive and just plain annoying lol. But if you have found relief or healing in cannabis, it’s time you stop feeling ashamed.

Step one to being an advocate is being vocal. The more people educated about cannabis, the better. You may be high, but so are the number of benefits.



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