Benjamin Thomas Wolf-Bark and Bite

Hay hay hay!!

It’s easy to say, “I’m not really into politics” if you forget how much politics effects the state of cannabis in Illinois.  Legalization is VERY political and advocating includes getting to know candidates and representatives.

So, I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Thomas Wolf (and his beautiful dog) last year at an Illinois NORML  meeting. (For more info on NORML and their awesome mission, click here) and was very impressed with his position on cannabis, student loans, and protection of unions and workers. What really impressed me was his reason for being there. He donated his office, after-hours of course, for that evening’s NORML meeting. So I knew he supported legalization, and would later discover how he too, understood that policy reformation is just as important.

“I still do not understand the benefit of blocking people from accessing medicine that really helps,” Wolf stated. A former FBI investigator and US Diplomat, Wolf has awesome insight on policy on both state and federal levels. But don’t let me butter you up about him…I am NOT a political endorser nor have I decided who I am voting for. I met and had a conversation with a political candidate, and am encouraging you to do the same for as much as possible.

So as election day nears, I will provide more information on more candidates with aggressively progressive platforms that include legalization and reformation. Let’s get involved blogees!! And if you want to meet Benjamin yourself, check below for his website with all meeting times and contacts.




2018 IL General Primary Information

Wolf For Congress Website


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