We Need Dealers…Deal With It.

High there blogees! Hope everyone had a great weekend…I also hope it’s more than 25 degrees wherever you are lol gotta love Chicago.

In any state that doesn’t have legal cannabis for adults, like IL, purchasing cannabis without a medical card is more necessary than it is illegal. Lol yes, necessary crime.

As more states start looking towards legalization, people are finding fewer reasons to sign up as a medical cannabis patient.  Even people who have medical conditions are finding that it’s easier, and cheaper upfront, to buy it straight from a legal dispensary, or an illegal dealer.

In Illinois, the fee to apply for a card is between $100-$250, depending on how many years. Those fees are non-refundable, so making sure you really qualify is an extra cost of effort. Additionally, the cost of required background check and fingerprinting will run you between $60-$100. THEN once you’re approved to be a patient, you have to choose a designated center (dispensary) and pay THEIR annual registration fee, which can be anywhere from $25-$100 (and beyond, but I won’t put anyone on blast).

So at most you could be dropping almost $500 just to get your goods legally. That’s kind of steep for some sativa lol. And these fees are for those who can actually get qualified by their primary physician! For those patients whose primary doctors are like, “Nah bruh,” specialized physicians charge a fee anywhere between $100-$200 to diagnose you. (I won’t elaborate, but simply put: if your doctor won’t recommend you to the medical cannabis program, there are others who will.)

Cannabis purchases are not covered by any insurances, and there are no discounts unless you are a veteran or recipient of social security or disability. And those discounts aren’t that big. So where does all this coin dropping leave a person who simply can’t afford it, but wants to experience the healing effects of this so-called medically legal herb?

Buying from a neighbor, person near the gas station, your cousin’s friend’s co-worker who managed to sneak a little across state lines lol (did I just give myself away?) are still the typical ways many people still have to secure their green, sometimes even in legal states.

Many legal states simply don’t have dispensaries everywhere. Others are available, but won’t allow you to purchase if you don’t have a valid license or ID.  I met a woman who was a patient but couldn’t get rides to her assigned, and the nearest, dispensary. Fortunately for her, the store owner around the corner from her home sold her cannabis products that he may or may not have gotten legally.  Yea, I said fortunately.

There is no juxtaposition of legalizing one state with another, as long as the policies stay the same on a federal level. Small towns and conservative districts banning cannabis sales even in legal states. In some cases, people with felonies can’t purchase even if they qualify to be a patient. The bullshit is endless, to say the least, and until cannabis is truly recognized as medicine that can be legally regulated EVERYWHERE, illegal purchase is inevitable.

And necessary.

Yea I said it.


“I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it.” — Bill Murray

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