#WCW-Shanel Lindsay

She also invented the NOVA Decarboxylator, a device that maximizes the cannabinoids (like THC) in flower or kief . (Kief are the trichomes that settle at the bottom of your grinder, or on your fingers when you break down flower).

#WCW-Sharda Sekaran

Has her career been marked by cannabis? Not at all, but she's proof that cannabis legalization is a civil right, not just an effort to get everyone toking lol. She's been a voice for the people ever since high school and college, bringing attention to unequal education budget cuts and human rights.

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Here in Illinois, industrial hemp can be grown for research purposes only. Farmers can apply for permits to grow hemp for universities, but it still doesn't guarantee the security and profit of growing hemp  for production purposes. 

#BHM-Jeff Mizanskey

On September 1, 2015, 62 year old Jeff Mizanskey left prison a free man after serving a 21 year sentence. What for? Conspiracy to sell six pounds of cannabis. SIX. POUNDS.