Cannabis Doesn’t Harm Lung Function. (Duh) Thanks Science!!

Smoking is bad for your health.  Unless your address is beneath a rock, this is common knowledge…or is it?

There’s no doubt that smoking cigarettes can lead to multiple health ailments, including lung or throat cancer, gum infection, and possible birth defects.  Multiple studies have also shown that cigarettes are super addictive, and the habit can be harder to kick that some extreme drugs due to one simple fact: They’re legal.

So with little (or manipulated) research, smoking cannabis has been labeled as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.  Historically, no deaths have resulted from ANY type of cannabis, but presently cigarettes cause 90% of lung cancer-related deaths. But don’t let my simple facts sway you.  I found some experts with big words and the results of 2,300 participants aged 40-80 were studied for lung function after long-term cannabis use.

“Neither current nor former marijuana use was associated with increased risk of cough, wheeze, or chronic bronchitis when compared to never marijuana users after adjusting for covariates…was associated with significantly less quantitative emphysema”. Additionally, researchers “also did not find that marijuana use was associated with more obstructive lung disease.”

Does smoking anything effect lung function? OF COURSE. But does smoking cannabis lead to deadly diseases and negative functioning of the lungs? NOPE! So if smoking is your preferred method of consuming the herb, rest assured it won’t cause lung damage. I’m doing some research now about how smoking cannabis can possibly REDUCE emphysema. Who’d a thunk?? But still pace yourself, get some exercise and fresh air as much as possible, so you can be around to enjoy cannabis for a long, long time. They’re the only lungs you have!

So toke on, and kill the tobacco. Squares are for squares lol!



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases Study

2012 Study of Cannabis Effects on the Lungs


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