#BHM-Jeff Mizanskey

Happy #BlackHistoryMonth Bloggees!
On the third day of this celebratory February,  I thought I’d introduce some lesser known figures in Black cannabis history. 

On September 1, 2015, 62 year old Jeff Mizanskey left prison a free man after serving a 21 year sentence. What for? Conspiracy to sell six pounds of cannabis. SIX. POUNDS.

He was sentenced in 1996, but due to two prior non-violent drug offenses, in Missouri, that means the whole book gets thrown at you. His sentence was life without parole,  but in May 2015 Democratic Missouri governor Jay Nixon commuted his sentence.

Did Mizanskey invent anything? Not sure. Was he a great leader? No article reports. But his sacrifice, like many, helped to broaden the perspectives politicians and people. Cannabis incarceration reformation is necessary!

I hope this encourages you, as always, to get involved. Cannabis legalization is noy complete without equal opportunities and freedoms to people of color.

❤🖤💚Have a high and happy day!❤🖤💚

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