#WCW-Sharda Sekaran

Happy Women in Cannabis Wednesday! Let’s get right to it!

Legalizing cannabis is a lot different that decriminalizing cannabis, and that difference  is the heads or tails to completely reforming policies from state to state.  With the stark racial gap of people succeeding in the cannabis industry and those still serving time, activism from all sides is necessary.

So when I was told about Sharda Sekaran, I was pleased to find out she is a human rights advocate and organizer. Has her career been marked by cannabis? Not at all, but she’s proof that cannabis legalization is a civil right, not just an effort to get everyone toking lol. She’s been a voice for the people ever since high school and college, bringing attention to unequal education budget cuts and human rights.




Sekaran later became Managing Director of Communications at the Drug Policy Alliance, where she witnessed firsthand the disproportioned rates of people of color arrested for cannabis versus non-people of color. Additionally, she’s the treasurer for Race Forward, a nonprofit dedicated to racial justice. She’s also a published journalist and blogger (don’t ya just love powerful Black women who blog?), highlighting individual cases of racial injustices, including marijuana offenses. Check out one of her posts for the Huffington Post regarding a victim shot by police regarding marijuana: Click here

She has also served for GLAAD and Citymeals-On-Wheels, and currently holds an MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I think it’s so cool how the good ol cannabis fight is becoming a true civil rights issue, and not just drug policy. Sekaran is also concerned with the public having a true image of a typical cannabis user:

“Marijuana is being covered by the media in an increasingly sophisticated and nuanced way now that the laws are changing and more people are ‘out’ as marijuana users,” she said. “We all know that many marijuana smokers look more like your Aunt Bettie or your accountant than The Dude from The Big Lebowski; but most images in the public sphere still do not reflect this.” –Sharda Sekaran, Crrh.org

SO excited to have yet another #WCW whose career isn’t based solely in cannabis, but knows the importance of its inclusivity in the fight for racial and social justice. Here’s a couple of puffs for you Sharda, Thank You!!



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