#WCW-Lakisha Jenkins

It’s no coincidence that Women in Cannabis Wednesday falls on the national day of love, so let’s heart another WCW, shall we blogees?

Meet Lakisha Jenkins, Doctorate in naturopathy, master herbalist, holistic medicine teacher, founding board member of the California Cannabis Industry Association, and a professional member of the National Herbalist Guild. From 2013-2015 her participation and knowledge helped shape cannabis regulations on both California state level and federally. She also opened The Farm’acy, a nonprofit agricultural co-op and medical dispensary in 2010.

Oh, and she can mix cannabis with 500 types of herbs and treat just about whatever ails you.



I could dive into her extensive professional and educational background, but her personal story is what makes her amazing. In 2002, Jenkins’ eldest daughter Kiona was diagnosed with 2 types of brain cancer at only eight years old. To her better judgment, Jenkins inquired about alternative treatement to chemotheraphy and radiation, but was directed to treat her daughter traditionally. Kiona passed at age 11 in 2006, motivating her mother to aggressively find holistic and ancestral methods of healing. The Kiona T. Jenkins Foundation of Natural Health was founded in 2003 to provide “direct financial and in-kind assistance to cancer survivors despite their socioeconomic status prior to diagnosis.” (http://www.kionafoundation.org/about-us.html)

“My family is from the Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians, so we have Native American lineage and my grandfather is a native healer,” she explains. “I just went back to my native roots and just researched.” (http://www.complex.com/life/2017/01/women-weed-industry/lakisha-jenkins)


Remember I said I could dive in to her background? Check her “pool” of positions below!

Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated – Founding Director and President

Brown Hills Ranches Inc. – Founding Director and President

JECOI Academy of Ag Science and Arts – Founding Director and President

The California Cannabis Industry Association President (2012-2015)

The National Cannabis Industry Association -Board of Directors (2013-2015)

Queen Lakisha Jenkins, your sacrifice and dedication to progressing healing methods and cannabis reform will not go unappreciated! We thank you, and we honor the life and legacy of Kiona T. Jenkins. Thank You!

“There’s a privilege that is associated with being a white male in this country, you don’t have that same type of fear that other minority groups or other people do and you’re more in a position to take a risk in jumping into this industry.” –Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

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