#WCW-Shanel Lindsay

Blogees!! What high and hoppin? Did you see Black Panther? OMG…I saw it twice, EVERYTHING!

Other than it being awesome, the movie’s storyline is driven by both tradition and technology, with the intelligence and inventive skills of its women. What a fitting theme for Women in Cannabis Wednesday, so let’s say haaaaay to Shanel Lindsay! She’s an attorney, medical cannabis patient advocate, and founder of Arden LLC, which produces cannabis wellness and beauty products.

She also invented the NOVA Decarboxylator, a device that maximizes the cannabinoids (like THC) in flower or kief . (Kief are the trichomes that settle at the bottom of your grinder, or on your fingers when you break down flower).


Based out of Boston, Lindsay received her Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania, and her JD from the Northeastern School of Law. She began as a judicial law clerk then went on to litigate for Fortune 500 companies. Her cannabis journey began with a quest for pain and inflammation relief for ovarian cysts.  For over a decade she mastered the art of extraction and tincture production, eventually discovering ways to more efficiently dose cannabis for patients!

Fortunately in 2012, Massachusetts passed its cannabis laws and she was able to commission more research to refine the decarbolyzation process, and later founded Arden LLC. Her invention, NOVA, is “the first cannabis medical device that allows patients to achieve pharmaceutical grade dosing using the cannabis plant.” —Ardent Cannabis Website

Did I mention she’s an advocate? Aside from drafting the state of Massachusetts’ adult use cannabis law, she’s the founding member and co-chair of the Northeast Cannabis Coalition and counsel to the Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance. AAAANNND she’s the chairwoman of the Market Participation Chair to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board.  OK??!!! Check her out below!

Now, why is her research and invention so important? Because creating tinctures, salves, even edibles requires decarbing cannabis, and because that makes the cannabinoids more potent in the post-consumption effects, dosage is key! To decarb cannabis, you have to heat it low and slow if you recall one of my recipe blogs, ahem…(Cannabutter? I Hardly Even Know Her! ). But of course there is no way to test or measure those cannabinoids, let alone if the flower was decarbed properly in the first place. Sheesh!

Spirited and determined, like the effects of a nice sativa…Lady Lindsay, this bud’s for you!  Your inventions and progressive education will benefit patients and small businesses and motivate more involvement in the industry. THANK YOU!!!




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