Come Celebrate 4/20 With Chicago NORML!!

Trying to figure out the origins of 4/20 just makes me want to get high again. Maybe that’s the point lol. When I starting consuming cannabis, you could get four blunts out of a dub ($20) sack. So that’s what 4/20 means to me lol but I celebrate it with advocacy! This year, let Chicago NORML be a contribution to your holiday plans.


Chicago NORML’s First Fundraiser and Membership Drive

When: April 20, 2018 from 8:00pm to 1:00am

Where: Southside Chicago (Address revealed to ticket holders within next few weeks)

Cost: $25 (Discount for members, so join today)

Tickets and more info:  Chicago NORML 420 Event Tix

Why: Because NORML chapters everywhere work hard to change the perception and fate of legalized cannabis and protect people of color disproportionately targeted by the war on drugs.


Attendees will have the chance to ask questions, become a member, get assistance with patient sign-up and have a great time. If you’re an MMJ patient, bring your card. Also, this event is BYOB. Alcohol nor cannabis will be sold at this event, so don’t come asking!

Find Chicago NORML on just about all social media platforms, or head to their website to find your local chapter to become a member or donate! The cause cannot pause!

I hope to see you there!!


#WCW-Chef Rae (Audio)

Peace and bud blogees!

It’s another beautiful day in the Clear As Smoke neighborhood, so I thought I’d personally welcome our new neighbor! Meet this week’s #WCW, Raenel Stelly, famously known as Chef Rae!

She’s from Northern Cali, but I met her in college at Fisk University in Nashville, TN. She catered a delicious brunch in 2016, where I found out about her cannabis infused dinners. I love having friends in high places! Listen to her amazing journey and plans for the future in the clip below!

When it comes to farm-to-table, she grew up with it. Her family had a garden and a grapefruit tree, plus her grandmother regularly cooked meals with her. After high school, she worked with Bay Area Garden Corps and assisted in garden cultivation and engaging with students about healthy eating and farming.

Community and volunteering takes up a lot of space on Rae’s resume. She’s been involved with Chefs Move to Schools, Meals to Heal, Atlanta’s Africa’s Children Fund Charity, Metro Nashville Health Department and TennderCare partnership, and the James Beard Blended Burger Project. She’s also volunteered as assistant for Chef Mike Lata, Chef Graham Elliott from the television show Masterchef, and Chef Aaron Sanchez at the Nashville Music City Eats Festival.

At TASTE, a benefit for the Nashville LGBT Chamber Foundation, Rae (the only personal/private chef present) was awarded best appetizer in 2015 for her eggplant tostada (yum!) The following year, she debuted Rae’s Cuisine, A Personal Chef Service at the Nashville Food and Wine Festival. She has auditioned for MasterChef, TopChef, and Beat Bobby Flay, meanwhile developing cooking lessons, meal plans, cooking demonstrations, parties and events.

With an amazing fitness journey, she lost over 135 pounds and created healthy recipes to incorporate in her classes. Her talents were highlighted on the Nashville Scene city lifestyle website and has also been hired for events in Atlanta and Florida.

She currently resides in the greater Nashville area with her wife and stepdaughter. Keep your eyes peeled for Chef Rae! With her innovative cooking skills and passion for cannabis, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her and her seasoning very soon!

Thank you to my sista Chef Rae! This puff’s for you!!

All social media: @ChefRaeCooks

Clear As Smoke post on making cannabis butter and oil

Cannabis and Traffic Fatalities-The Propoganda

Good morning blogees!

Last week in Tempe, AZ, a driverless Uber car fatally struck a pedestrian during a test run. Tragedies like this can be linked directly to an issue without debate: Driverless cars are not yet safe. What is up for debate is whether or not they ever will be, and if the risk of future accidents are even worth testing. 

I’m seeing a similarity with recent reports of cannabis being the cause for an increase in auto accidents in recreational states. In August of last year, the Denver Post printed the article, “Exclusive: Traffic fatalities linked to marijuana are up sharply in Colorado. Is legalization to blame?” My doubt was stark, as studies have already shown that there has not been any independent link between recreational use and auto deaths. 

Has the number of Colorado drivers in fatal accidents tested positive for cannabis risen in past 5 years? Yes. But the number of people getting tested overall has increased simply because it’s a legal state, also. In order to get this data, cannabis testing must be integrated in regular arrest and/or auto accident investigation processes, and it wasn’t (as heavily) before.

Uber has since halted the street testing of driverless cars. Companies have pulled funding for research. Some states have already banned the cars. Will we ever know the functionality of something thought to make our lives easier? Who knows. 

But with both experimental cases, the difference is people.  Behind the wheel of a driverless car is a computer. Behind the wheel of a car with a person being drug test is a person who made a decision. A person who may have more cannabis in their system than they can handle. That person may also not be high at all, but tests positive because they consumed within the past few weeks to few months. States with medicinal cannabis show little difference in motor vehicle fatalities than states eith recreational cannabis. 

Get my drift?

Articles like these can be defined as anti-cannabis propaganda, so it’s important to continue doing your own research. With so many people either against or uneducated about legalization, exposing the other side of their perspective is crucial.

One of my favorite resources is the NORML website. Make sure to locate your local chapter to learn about and support the push to legalize and decriminalize cannabis.

Aaaaand in a few hours make sure to check out this week’s #WCW, Chef Rae!

Denver Post Article

NORML article about traffic fatalities

What’s Up, Doc?

Hay Hay Blogees!

You’re half-naked, bare bottomed on a long strip of paper covering a cold cushioned table. Some cold, metal object is poking and prying your unmentionable sections when you’re asked, “Do you, or have you ever, taken recreational drugs?”

My answer is always, “Of course not, but I do smoke and consume cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.” Won’t catch ME calling cannabis a drug. Tuh!

Now if you aren’t ready to be so blatant with your doc, understood. But remember that’s probably the one person you need to be very honest with in regards to your body, and what you’re doing to it. Keeping information from your doctor is like cleaning up before hiring a maid. What’s the point? (Don’t tell my mom that, please.)

In Illinois and many states, you have to have a certain condition to qualify for a medical cannabis card. The catch is, cannabis hasn’t been proven to heal these conditions, but rather than their symptoms.  When you are open with your doc regarding WHY you choose to use cannabis, it’s easy for them to see why you would qualify, regardless of your actual condition.

“So, I’m supposed to have one of the qualifying conditions to get a card, but if I beg my doc they’ll lie for me?”

UH…nah. Well heck I don’t know. It’s always at the discretion of the physician or therapist. A doctor is only going to be able to REFER you as someone suffering the symptoms and could benefit from using cannabis.

“SO, what if my doc still doesn’t approve?”

Hashtag new doctor. Getchuwon lol. Don’t replace your current physician! Head over to a cannabis physician agency that will help you apply, get fingerprinted, and obtain your card. And you’ll be referred by a real doctor too. Just be careful (you know you saw that coming). It costs, and some companies aren’t as legit as others.

Becoming a patient includes choosing your designated dispensary. I would suggest finding one 1st, and asking them for a physician referral. The good folks there will be more than happy to help.

Alright now, I need you to take 3 deep breaths, then cough. Hmm…

I’m prescribing you a daily dose of Clear As Smoke and suggesting you comment on your medical card journey! 

“There’s more to life than just cannabis. Therefore, I choose to have no life.”
Tomorrow: #WCW-Women in Cannabis Wednesday!



#Friedday Fav-Silicone Bongs

You made it to Friday! It’s like a weekly goal you get to keep meeting lol.

Silicone…great for everything from kitchenware to breast implants, and bongs too!

If you’re like me, you’ve wept over broken bongs. Glad bongs and pipes are beautifully made, and easy to break. I’m still sad over a gorgeous bird shaped one that met its maker when I was sweeping. Moral of the story is house cleaning puts your pretty bongs at risk. Unless you have a silicone one!

Easy to clean, easy to carry, lightweight, and the variety of available sizes and styles are endless! Plus, most have removable bowls and wax containers (which is important because that part holds the cannabis residue. Especially with wax) for your legal convenience. Speaking of wax, silicone cups are the best way to tote your wax and concentrates. If you’re on that level, of course!

And if there’s any reason to get one  (Amazon or any smoke shop), remember your clumsy stoner buddy. Trust me, it’s the best of friends who will accidentally break your favorite glass piece. Not on purpose lol but I swear that’s how it always happens.

Save your friendship with silocone!!

Toke up lovely blogees, it’s Friedday!

 Pot Made Me Sick…WTF??

There’s nothing worse than getting hurt by the one you love. Cannabis is no different!

No cannabis-related deaths have been reported. Ever. However, some people have experienced discomfort and even illness from consuming cannabis. If it’s so beneficial, healing even, why do some people get sick?

I hate saying it but, cannabis isn’t for everyone! For those who can safely consume cannabis, some common reasons for a bad reaction include:

  • non-cannabis medication or substance present in the body
  • improper cannabis dosage
  • dehydration or malnutrition
  • bad cannabis product or device
  • current mental or physical state

Now these are reasons I know from experience. I recall a time I indulged in a very strong strain of flower combined with a high-THC wax. What came after was a 2 hour migraine-like headache and a “maybe next time” text to my friends. Not cool! But I hadn’t eaten since almost 6 hours prior, and probably didn’t have enough water.

The same symptoms that many patients use medicinal cannabis for can be the same symptoms that occur with others. Same goes for recreational users.



Seems obvious, but for many people who may not know their symptoms are resulting from consuming will continue consuming for relief. Cannabis users have the responsibility of self-discovery and research, ESPECIALLY if you procure your greens from an illegal source. Hey, I don’t judge. But many dealers don’t know the strains of their products, let alone the THC/CBD makeup, or your current conditions. Even with medical cannabis patients, trial and error is usually the most effective method to finding what relieves them and what they should avoid.

Remember, cannabis contains cannabinoids, which contain the medicinal benefits. They interact with receptors found in the central nervous system, which affects mood, pain, memory, coordination, and appetite. So just like regular medicine, if you take something meant to relieve one symptom, but you have another, it’s possible your  body will react negatively.

Note: Cannabis can trigger symptoms that people are already predisposed to due to their current condition. If you are self-medicating with recreational cannabis, take it slow, and track your results!

Few tidbits I found…

  • Cannabis has been known to stabilize blood sugar levels, decrease blood pressure, and reduce insulin resistance. OTC (over-the-counter) medications prescribed to do the same may interfere with cannabis.
  • Because sativa strains give a cerebral high, many are known to sometimes increase anxiety in people who already suffer from it.
  • Although cannabis can be prescribed to induce appetite, it’s best not to be starving when consuming.
  • Heavy users may think they need the strongest strain to get high, but sometimes the body is adapting to cannabis that is too strong for frequent use. This can lead to…
  • Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)-is a condition associated with heavy usage that causes excessive vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pains.
  • Alcohol and cannabis can be a fun mix, but both are dehydrating to the body, and can lead to dizziness, vomiting, or passing out.
  • Too many edibles is a very common way of getting sick. Because effects take between 1-3 hours to feel, users can eat too much thinking they aren’t potent.
  • Dab, wax, shatters, and concentrates are much more potent than regular flower and edibles. Pea sized amounts (or smaller) at a time are best. If that’s not potent enough, then add more. 

Yea, I know. Whoa. And as the footrace between cannabis research and development of stronger cannabis remains neck and neck, it’s important to keep patients and rec users at the finish line.

Do not discontinue any orders given by your doctor or medical professional to continue using cannabis. Make sure they know you are a user, if they don’t already.  Do your best to know the source of your cannabis product. Research, research, research!

And last but certainly not least…





Cook County, IL Voters Approve Recreational Cannabis!

Peace and bud blogees!

It’s been a while since I last posted because I felt like being lazy for while. I wouldn’t lie to you!

But I’ve still been hard at work! I was recently employed at a dispensary on Chicago’s South Side (woot woot), celebrating a birthday (aye!), meeting new industry employees and advocates, and gathering all the cannabis info you need to know!

So let’s get to it! Cook County, IL (which includes Chicago) voters spoke loud and clear in the primary elections Tuesday. Myself and 68% of voters agreed that the state should legalize “the the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use by adults 21 and older.”

(Actual video footage of me selecting YES to the cannabis question on the ballot)

Image result for yes button gif

Does this guarantee recreational legalization in Illinois? Nope, but it certainly helps. And it’s up to us, whether residents of IL or not, to actively take part in politically influencing lawmakers with our voice.

Contact your local chapter of NORML, and contact your state representatives and members of congress to co-sponsor bills that support decriminalization and legalization! I posted a link that will help you find your legislators, and how to contact them.

Keep up the good work blogees, here and everywhere. The fight continues!


NORML website

Contact Your Legislators Zip Code Lookup


(#WCW-Women in Cannabis Wednesday will be back next week! Stay tuned!)