Pot Made Me Sick…WTF??

There’s nothing worse than getting hurt by the one you love. Cannabis is no different!

No cannabis-related deaths have been reported. Ever. However, some people have experienced discomfort and even illness from consuming cannabis. If it’s so beneficial, healing even, why do some people get sick?

I hate saying it but, cannabis isn’t for everyone! For those who can safely consume cannabis, some common reasons for a bad reaction include:

  • non-cannabis medication or substance present in the body
  • improper cannabis dosage
  • dehydration or malnutrition
  • bad cannabis product or device
  • current mental or physical state

Now these are reasons I know from experience. I recall a time I indulged in a very strong strain of flower combined with a high-THC wax. What came after was a 2 hour migraine-like headache and a “maybe next time” text to my friends. Not cool! But I hadn’t eaten since almost 6 hours prior, and probably didn’t have enough water.

The same symptoms that many patients use medicinal cannabis for can be the same symptoms that occur with others. Same goes for recreational users.



Seems obvious, but for many people who may not know their symptoms are resulting from consuming will continue consuming for relief. Cannabis users have the responsibility of self-discovery and research, ESPECIALLY if you procure your greens from an illegal source. Hey, I don’t judge. But many dealers don’t know the strains of their products, let alone the THC/CBD makeup, or your current conditions. Even with medical cannabis patients, trial and error is usually the most effective method to finding what relieves them and what they should avoid.

Remember, cannabis contains cannabinoids, which contain the medicinal benefits. They interact with receptors found in the central nervous system, which affects mood, pain, memory, coordination, and appetite. So just like regular medicine, if you take something meant to relieve one symptom, but you have another, it’s possible your  body will react negatively.

Note: Cannabis can trigger symptoms that people are already predisposed to due to their current condition. If you are self-medicating with recreational cannabis, take it slow, and track your results!

Few tidbits I found…

  • Cannabis has been known to stabilize blood sugar levels, decrease blood pressure, and reduce insulin resistance. OTC (over-the-counter) medications prescribed to do the same may interfere with cannabis.
  • Because sativa strains give a cerebral high, many are known to sometimes increase anxiety in people who already suffer from it.
  • Although cannabis can be prescribed to induce appetite, it’s best not to be starving when consuming.
  • Heavy users may think they need the strongest strain to get high, but sometimes the body is adapting to cannabis that is too strong for frequent use. This can lead to…
  • Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)-is a condition associated with heavy usage that causes excessive vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pains.
  • Alcohol and cannabis can be a fun mix, but both are dehydrating to the body, and can lead to dizziness, vomiting, or passing out.
  • Too many edibles is a very common way of getting sick. Because effects take between 1-3 hours to feel, users can eat too much thinking they aren’t potent.
  • Dab, wax, shatters, and concentrates are much more potent than regular flower and edibles. Pea sized amounts (or smaller) at a time are best. If that’s not potent enough, then add more. 

Yea, I know. Whoa. And as the footrace between cannabis research and development of stronger cannabis remains neck and neck, it’s important to keep patients and rec users at the finish line.

Do not discontinue any orders given by your doctor or medical professional to continue using cannabis. Make sure they know you are a user, if they don’t already.  Do your best to know the source of your cannabis product. Research, research, research!

And last but certainly not least…












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