#Friedday Fav-Silicone Bongs

You made it to Friday! It’s like a weekly goal you get to keep meeting lol.

Silicone…great for everything from kitchenware to breast implants, and bongs too!

If you’re like me, you’ve wept over broken bongs. Glad bongs and pipes are beautifully made, and easy to break. I’m still sad over a gorgeous bird shaped one that met its maker when I was sweeping. Moral of the story is house cleaning puts your pretty bongs at risk. Unless you have a silicone one!

Easy to clean, easy to carry, lightweight, and the variety of available sizes and styles are endless! Plus, most have removable bowls and wax containers (which is important because that part holds the cannabis residue. Especially with wax) for your legal convenience. Speaking of wax, silicone cups are the best way to tote your wax and concentrates. If you’re on that level, of course!

And if there’s any reason to get one  (Amazon or any smoke shop), remember your clumsy stoner buddy. Trust me, it’s the best of friends who will accidentally break your favorite glass piece. Not on purpose lol but I swear that’s how it always happens.

Save your friendship with silocone!!

Toke up lovely blogees, it’s Friedday!

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