What’s Up, Doc?

Hay Hay Blogees!

You’re half-naked, bare bottomed on a long strip of paper covering a cold cushioned table. Some cold, metal object is poking and prying your unmentionable sections when you’re asked, “Do you, or have you ever, taken recreational drugs?”

My answer is always, “Of course not, but I do smoke and consume cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.” Won’t catch ME calling cannabis a drug. Tuh!

Now if you aren’t ready to be so blatant with your doc, understood. But remember that’s probably the one person you need to be very honest with in regards to your body, and what you’re doing to it. Keeping information from your doctor is like cleaning up before hiring a maid. What’s the point? (Don’t tell my mom that, please.)

In Illinois and many states, you have to have a certain condition to qualify for a medical cannabis card. The catch is, cannabis hasn’t been proven to heal these conditions, but rather than their symptoms.  When you are open with your doc regarding WHY you choose to use cannabis, it’s easy for them to see why you would qualify, regardless of your actual condition.

“So, I’m supposed to have one of the qualifying conditions to get a card, but if I beg my doc they’ll lie for me?”

UH…nah. Well heck I don’t know. It’s always at the discretion of the physician or therapist. A doctor is only going to be able to REFER you as someone suffering the symptoms and could benefit from using cannabis.

“SO, what if my doc still doesn’t approve?”

Hashtag new doctor. Getchuwon lol. Don’t replace your current physician! Head over to a cannabis physician agency that will help you apply, get fingerprinted, and obtain your card. And you’ll be referred by a real doctor too. Just be careful (you know you saw that coming). It costs, and some companies aren’t as legit as others.

Becoming a patient includes choosing your designated dispensary. I would suggest finding one 1st, and asking them for a physician referral. The good folks there will be more than happy to help.

Alright now, I need you to take 3 deep breaths, then cough. Hmm…

I’m prescribing you a daily dose of Clear As Smoke and suggesting you comment on your medical card journey! 

“There’s more to life than just cannabis. Therefore, I choose to have no life.”
Tomorrow: #WCW-Women in Cannabis Wednesday!



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