Cannabis and Traffic Fatalities-The Propoganda

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Last week in Tempe, AZ, a driverless Uber car fatally struck a pedestrian during a test run. Tragedies like this can be linked directly to an issue without debate: Driverless cars are not yet safe. What is up for debate is whether or not they ever will be, and if the risk of future accidents are even worth testing. 

I’m seeing a similarity with recent reports of cannabis being the cause for an increase in auto accidents in recreational states. In August of last year, the Denver Post printed the article, “Exclusive: Traffic fatalities linked to marijuana are up sharply in Colorado. Is legalization to blame?” My doubt was stark, as studies have already shown that there has not been any independent link between recreational use and auto deaths. 

Has the number of Colorado drivers in fatal accidents tested positive for cannabis risen in past 5 years? Yes. But the number of people getting tested overall has increased simply because it’s a legal state, also. In order to get this data, cannabis testing must be integrated in regular arrest and/or auto accident investigation processes, and it wasn’t (as heavily) before.

Uber has since halted the street testing of driverless cars. Companies have pulled funding for research. Some states have already banned the cars. Will we ever know the functionality of something thought to make our lives easier? Who knows. 

But with both experimental cases, the difference is people.  Behind the wheel of a driverless car is a computer. Behind the wheel of a car with a person being drug test is a person who made a decision. A person who may have more cannabis in their system than they can handle. That person may also not be high at all, but tests positive because they consumed within the past few weeks to few months. States with medicinal cannabis show little difference in motor vehicle fatalities than states eith recreational cannabis. 

Get my drift?

Articles like these can be defined as anti-cannabis propaganda, so it’s important to continue doing your own research. With so many people either against or uneducated about legalization, exposing the other side of their perspective is crucial.

One of my favorite resources is the NORML website. Make sure to locate your local chapter to learn about and support the push to legalize and decriminalize cannabis.

Aaaaand in a few hours make sure to check out this week’s #WCW, Chef Rae!

Denver Post Article

NORML article about traffic fatalities

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