#WCW-Chef Rae (Audio)

Peace and bud blogees!

It’s another beautiful day in the Clear As Smoke neighborhood, so I thought I’d personally welcome our new neighbor! Meet this week’s #WCW, Raenel Stelly, famously known as Chef Rae!

She’s from Northern Cali, but I met her in college at Fisk University in Nashville, TN. She catered a delicious brunch in 2016, where I found out about her cannabis infused dinners. I love having friends in high places! Listen to her amazing journey and plans for the future in the clip below!

When it comes to farm-to-table, she grew up with it. Her family had a garden and a grapefruit tree, plus her grandmother regularly cooked meals with her. After high school, she worked with Bay Area Garden Corps and assisted in garden cultivation and engaging with students about healthy eating and farming.

Community and volunteering takes up a lot of space on Rae’s resume. She’s been involved with Chefs Move to Schools, Meals to Heal, Atlanta’s Africa’s Children Fund Charity, Metro Nashville Health Department and TennderCare partnership, and the James Beard Blended Burger Project. She’s also volunteered as assistant for Chef Mike Lata, Chef Graham Elliott from the television show Masterchef, and Chef Aaron Sanchez at the Nashville Music City Eats Festival.

At TASTE, a benefit for the Nashville LGBT Chamber Foundation, Rae (the only personal/private chef present) was awarded best appetizer in 2015 for her eggplant tostada (yum!) The following year, she debuted Rae’s Cuisine, A Personal Chef Service at the Nashville Food and Wine Festival. She has auditioned for MasterChef, TopChef, and Beat Bobby Flay, meanwhile developing cooking lessons, meal plans, cooking demonstrations, parties and events.

With an amazing fitness journey, she lost over 135 pounds and created healthy recipes to incorporate in her classes. Her talents were highlighted on the Nashville Scene city lifestyle website and has also been hired for events in Atlanta and Florida.

She currently resides in the greater Nashville area with her wife and stepdaughter. Keep your eyes peeled for Chef Rae! With her innovative cooking skills and passion for cannabis, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her and her seasoning very soon!

Thank you to my sista Chef Rae! This puff’s for you!!


All social media: @ChefRaeCooks

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